Zambia: One Day Seminar for Blessed Couples


by Fabrice Djimadoum, FFWPU Zambia

The Blessed Family Department in Zambia held a one day seminar for blessed couples on July 4, 2017 which was a public Holiday in Zambia, Day of Unity. The event took place at Peace Embassy in Lusaka. About 36 couples have attended the seminar. The purpose of seminar organized by the Blessed Family Department was to inform the couples about the committee members in charge of the department and different activities to be carried out by the department for the coming months of this year.

The Mc, Mr. Fabrice Djimadoum, Blessed Family Department Secretary General introduced the program of the seminar. The program began with an opening prayer followed by reading of an excerpt from True Father’s speech: “The Value and The Mission of The Blessed Families”.

Afterwards, the Director of Blessed Family Department, Pastor Eric Kashala Mutewa gave a PowerPoint presentation of the various projects, the department is intended to carry out for the rest of the year including the creation of various zones where blessed couples live.

In the remarks, Rev. Rudolf Faerber, the National Leader encouraged blessed couples to works together to strength the department.

Rev. Abdoulaye Wone, Director for Blessed Family Department, East Africa Region gave a short presentation he encouraged all the blessed families to inherit and develop the tradition and value of the Blessing, he further encouraged them to check on the new second generation matching website. He also said that the global Blessing should be branded to re-energize the true family movement.

To continuously refine and improve the efficiency of Blessing-related administrative affairs. Find, develop and promote programs for blessed families (programs for couples, families, etc.), the Blessing Department belongs to every couple which has to take ownership.

After presentations, participants had and opportunity to ask questions related to the department.

Later on, 5 groups were formed for discussions on the topic: “How to make the Blessed Family Department in Zambia more effective and strong:” After discussions, each group gave their work presentation with a lot of suggestions to strength the department in Zambia.

Mrs. Betty Banda, in charge of Sunday school gave the report of activities and requested mothers to come and help her in taking care of the little ones between 4 years and below. Later announcements were made.

At the end of the seminar, participants expressed their feelings to organize such seminars as a platform to learn from each other. The seminar ended with a unison prayer followed by lunch. After lunch, a short meeting was called for zone leaders around Lusaka to inform them about their responsibilities.

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