Zambia: One Day Conference for Religious Leaders


by Fabrice Djimadoum, FFWPU Zambia

The FFWPU Zambia held one-day conference for religious leaders on 29th June, 2017 at Peace Embassy in Lusaka. The Theme of the conference was “Strong Families, Strong Nation”.  About 40 clergymen and women with established churches attended to the conference. The purpose of the conference is to revive the monthly clergy’s seminar and share with clergies about blessing and Heavenly Tribal Messiahship.

The conference starting with an inspirational and moving clip video testimony of Pastor T.L Barrett couple in “The Power of True Love” which was well received.

Two main presentations were shared. The first presentation was given by Pastor Eric Mutewa, Director of Blessed Family on the alarm statistics on the high rates of divorces, single parents and consequence to society and families are remedy. The second lecturer was Rev. Rudolf Faerber, FFWPU Zambia President. In his presentation on the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival and the 5 steps of the blessing.

During the questions and answers, one pastor, was touched by the point the change of blood lineage and requested to the presenter to explain again for the participants and mostly especially for him. After explanation given, he expressed his satisfaction and requested to the FFWPU to disseminate the good news about families in the churches. This was agreed by other pastors present.

At the end of the presentations, two pastors who came with their wives were given the blessing.

The following is the testimony for Pastor Abel Chibona:

“My wife, Alphonsina Chibona, who is a professional physiotherapist has been an encouragement to me. In fact she is the one who kept on insisting that we were supposed to be quickly blessed without hesitation. She had not yet known that there was going to be a Workshop Seminar at the Peace Embassy Building in next two days that she wanted to us to be blessed.  She did not care whether she had a new dress or not during the Blessing. Being blessed is more than having material or intellectual properties. All she cared for was that we start a new life again in our marriage and help other to have their lives centered around the True Parents.

Before undergoing the Blessing we could notice that we were struggling so much financially and spiritually. Especially that many times we used to quarrel for no apparent reasons. We did not get along very well for each of us nor work together towards the same game for our marriage and family as well. But after we were Blessed we no longer live selfish lives. Our love for each has grown deeper and deeper. Now behold old things have passed away and new things have in our life and marriage.

Since then we managed to have a breakthrough by shifting from a residential house we had been struggling to shift from and now are living in a brand-new house. Besides these our son has started to pursue higher education after we managed to pay for his tuition fee. This is just a beginning. We anticipate greater things for True Parents have got abundant of Blessings for our lives. Our future is bright and living now make sense for we do realize the true purpose of living. We are no longer living in a dark continent for the True Light has come and shone in our lives.

One phrase that is now common in our home is “We are a Blessed Family. No more curses; no more poverty!””

In all, the participants were happy about the seminar and expressed their gratitude to continue to work with FFWPU.

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