WFWP International President Visiting Vienna


By Elisabeth Cook, WFWP Austria

As the 21st Middle East Women’s Conference took place in Vienna, International President of WFWP, Yeon Ah Nim, spent a week from July 2 to 9, 2017 in Vienna. On Sunday 9th, 2017 she spoke to the Viennese Unification community at the Sunday Service.

The Vienna Peace Choir created a beautiful atmosphere through their songs, and Shin Yuh, Yeon Ah Nim’s daughter, presented “Country Roads” in a beautiful way.

Listening to Yeon Ah Nim we could feel True Mother’s love and concern for Europe and for each one of us. To unite with True Mother in heart and not only in thoughts, this is essential for our life and our mission.

After the Service Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon, Special Emissaries for Europe, gave a short address to the audience in order to say good bye, as they were called to Korea by True Mother for the global mission.

Mrs. Renate Amesbauer, Austrian WFWP president and Rev. Jack Corley, European Continental Director, gave presents and words of thankfulness.

Around 160 people attended the service, members and guests, half of them being from the 2nd and 3rd gen of Unificationists (76). We all were very moved by the visit of Yeon Ah Nim, her daughter and the Emissaries, and we wish them

Heaven’s blessings and protection for their future mission.

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