USA: Minnesota Family Church Delves Into Unification Thought


Prepared by FFWPU USA

Inspired by an 8-week Unification Thought webinar he attended in 2016, District 8 Pastor Rev. Hyungtae Ha, along with Gerry Servito and Denise To, led his own Unification Thought workshop from June 24 to 25 at the Minnesota Family Church.

The workshop spanned multiple generations, with a total of over 30 participants, including both younger and elder Unificationists. Rev. Ha shared that the purpose of this Unification Thought workshop was to learn about the application of the Divine Principle in their daily lives and “to gain an even deeper understanding of the Divine Principle.”

Over the course of two days, there were a total of seven lectures on Unification Thought. On Sunday, June 25, Rev. Ha delivered a sermon entitled “Inheritance and Succession” on the Three Great Kingships as taught by True Father. For the soon-to-be parents in the audience, who now prepare to inherit and succeed the path set forth by their parents, the sermon was particularly striking and relevant.

As Rev. Ha had hoped, this workshop allowed its participants to become closer to the Heavenly Parent through understanding the Divine Principle. “I always knew our Heavenly Parent was real, and now I know how relatable He is as well,” Kayeon Muyongo shared. “He is an intentional being and we were made in His image.”

“The Divine Principle is the history of God,” Manny Muyongo realized.”There is more to the Divine Principle that can be put into practice.”

With an understanding of Unification Thought, came a deeper understanding of the Divine Principle, and naturally, True Parents. “By understanding more, connecting more to the heart of God, you can feel His sadness. So many people in the world don’t understand God’s original plan except True Parents,” said Shizuka Pehling. “That’s why True Parents do what they do and work so hard. It’s really amazing and makes me realize I need to do more.”

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    Actually the Sunday sermon was given by Rev Servito.


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