Togo: Inauguration of IAPP


By Aliti Abalo, FFWPU Togo

Inauguration of IAPP in Togo was held on June 28, 2017, at the Parliament of Togo. Indeed, given that parliamentarians play an important role in managing the affairs of the nation, the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP), was created by the True Parents to allow parliamentarians to bring more effectively their contribution to the promotion of peace. It became a privileged framework for the promotion of peace in the nation and in the world. Therefore, it must be represented in all nations.

We had 110 participants, including 35 parliamentarians, 3 traditional chiefs, 46 journalists, 20 peace ambassadors and other guests. The master of ceremony was Rev. Dr. Zinsou S. Paterne

The event started at 10:30 am and chaired by the International President of the UPF, Dr. Thomas Walsh, Secretary General of UPF-Africa, Rev. Adama Doumbia, and Rev Dr. Zinsou S. Paterne, UPF-West Africa Secretary General, the representative of the President of the National Assembly of Togo, the Honorable Gnakouafre Amba Sabia and the former President of the National Assembly and former Prime Minister His Excellency Agbeyome Kodjo.

After the execution of the Togolese national anthem, the Honorable Gnakouafre, representing the President of the National Assembly of Togo, opened the meeting by his welcoming address. Then Dr. Thomas Walsh gave an introduction to IAPP and its main purpose.

To support Dr. Walsh speech, we had two video presentation about worldwide IAPP. Then he resumed his speech and read True Mother’s message to the Togolese nation in French.

In addition, the IAPP-TOGO office, composed of five members, which were introduced to the audience. After this presentation, the President of the IAPP-TOGO Honorable Gnakouafre spoke to congratulate and encourage her peers for the interest in working together and made the promise to work for the success of this great work in Togo. This was followed by reading and then the signature of the resolution.

His Excellency Agbeyome Kodjo congratulated parliamentarians and welcomed the establishment of this network within the Togolese parliament. For him. The IAPP is not only a parliamentary body but also a diplomatic instrument that will enable Togolese MPs to attract many blessings for the Togolese nation.

In closing, the representative of the speaker of the Assembly, the Honorable Gnakouafre urged both parties to seek peace with all and everywhere, building on the biblical passage Rm 12: 17-18.

The atmosphere was very good and the participants left with the hope that IAPP will bring so much blessing to the Togolese nation in its daily quest and maintain a climate of peace.

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