The Italian Movement at a Turning Point


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

The last call to Korea by True Mother was one of the most meaningful ever for me. It was a sudden call with just few days to prepare, giving all of the called ones a sense of urgency that shook our consciences.

In Europe, we are doing many things and our faith is still strong, but the overwhelming secularism in the outside society is sneaking inside every day in our movement and sometimes in our minds. The extreme rationalism makes us doubt that one day soon it will possible to really break through. As national leader, together with my wife, we are dealing everyday with these circumstances that surround our members and families and only with deep prayer, hundocché and much effort we can keep a proper internal standard and still try to push ahead our reality in the direction of the Cig Providence. The key factor is to keep faith, trust and living relationship with True Parents and especially unite in heart fully with True Mother that, thanks God, is still with us. In these last few years, we experienced God’s Grace by keeping our heart in the direction of True Parents. Still, we can honestly say that, nevertheless there are still many members that are not actively sharing the big effort we are making to build a victorious providential work. They come to Sunday service, they give tithing, but they don’t witness. They don’t share the same desperate feeling to save others and they are not so strongly motivated to witness about our movement.

This situation was slowly improving, but 2020 is coming closer and closer and time is not anymore that much, so, in Korea, in front of True Mother, I really felt that we must do something, that we have to bring a dramatic change, in order to speed up the process of restoring our country, especially involving many more members, especially young people. We need their energy, their vitality, their ideas. This is exactly one of the main requests from True Parents in this age, to revive the young spirit and idealism of our movement.

Many times, in the past we discussed about it, but we never took a clear decision about it. Most of the times we ended up by saying that they “are not really ready” for main public missions. Again, the rational mind preventing us to jump on the providential wave. How they will ever be ready, if we don’t involve them in public main missions? The time has come to push them down the tree, to make them learn to fly.

So, on July 8th 2017, we had a leaders’ meeting in which some 2nd generation were invited. I reported about the meeting in Korea, especially I shared True Mother’ speech and determination in a quite strong way that shook people in front of me. I really wanted to make them experience the same feeling I had in Korea in front of True Mother. I want to testify about the attitude of my brothers and sisters, responsible for the Federations, the churches, the departments because, after a initial shook and some resistance at the beginning, they all unite with True Mother’ spirit. We made several changes in our structure, we started to rethink our approach to society and way to witness, we planned to renew the Sunday service and organize meeting to revive the spirit in our communities. A new leader was appointed as IW to support the tribal messiah mission, for example, but the main topic was about the involvement of 2nd generation and young people. We really asked them to be mobilized as much as we are, at least. The time to just protect them, prepare them and keeping them inside “safe houses” is ended: they have to fight from now on side by side with us. We are ready to give them support and authority, but they have to join the front line from now on and become “owners of the providence”.

Up to July 13th, for five days, we contacted several of them, asking to participate in a web conference in which we will decide together about their involvement in FFWPU, as pastors and deputy pastors or any other main missions, in UPF and WFWP. Of course, we had already nine of them involved in HARP, CARP, Youth ministry, GA, but we asked them the embrace the witnessing life, the public life as representatives of the FFWPU. I explained them that in some way, UPF and WFWP are doing their job, becoming more and more well known in the country, organizing many things and so on. It is the FFWPU that has to come out from the shadow, by becoming more public, more involved socially to build a new true family culture in the country. It is not enough to have regularly Sunday service, we have to organize projects, actively participate in the social life, express our ideal in public events, finally making the core movement well known for being the solution to the many pains and problems of society. That’s why we need young people.

The participation was good, considering the sudden call, but 20 of them attended the 3 hours conference. We shared a lot and it was really meaningful and wonderful. We could break through any barrier between generations. After my report about True Mother and the request to mobilize, they could express for quite some time all their perplexities and doubts about our movement. They did it with respect but honestly and freely, showing a good level of maturity and faith. Six 1st generation, including my wife and myself were there, but we let them speak until they could express completely their minds. It was a deep, meaningful and beautiful experience of sharing centered on God and True Parents. Some of our young people couldn’t participate in this evening for several reasons, but I’ll reach them soon in these next few days. All together they are those who responded to True Mother’s call, the future leaders with whom we will build a new movement in Italy from now on.

Among them, we will have the new pastor of Napoli, actually the son of the previous pastor, and eleven more deputy pastors and FFWPU leaders and leaders in all fields. Basically, they will be in leadership position or deputy leader position in all our Federations, Departments, activities, churches. It is really a big change! Twelve new young leaders in our FFWPU that will join the other already involved in UPF, WFWP, CARP, HARP! I’m really excited about it and we have a strong desire to work together for the Providence.

We will have soon an official appointment ceremony, community by community and a first National WS to convey them the main elements of the Providential age centered on the new status of our True Parents after Foundation Day, offer them a job description and discuss with them new ideas on the development of the Italian movement.

My personal hope, that I share with my wife and all other leaders and Italian members is to give joy to True Parents and hope to the Italian people, that are still wandering in a society with no true love and no real solution to their pains. We have all we need now to rescue this country and we feel much empowered by the precious contribution that our youth will offer in the next years, until the victory of 2020 and over.

Thank you again True Mother for having generated such a change in our hearts and minds!.

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