Thailand: Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival

By Kamol Thananopavarn, FFWPU Thailand

On June 24, 2017 FFWPU Thailand held IPBF at Bukrangwittayakom School, Bukrang Sub-District, Jompra District of Surin Province in Thailand, which was Heavenly Tribal Messiah Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival of Mr. Wanchai and Mrs. Tomoko Sonchaisakul, through Heavenly Tribal Messiah group at Bukrang sub district, Jomphra district, Surin Province.

We had 400 Participants. This time Mr. Taweechok Ngamchuen, Bukrangwittayakom School Director, gave report and Mr. Worachai Srisuwanwattana, Jompra Chief District Officer, gave Opening Remark to all participants. At this event Mr. Wanchai – Mrs. Tomoko Sonchaisakul were the officiator of the blessing ceremony.

This time for Indemnity Stick, we changed the stick from plastic type to real baseball stick. All participants who attend can fell atmosphere of love.

In fact, as this Blessing was held right after True Mother’s visit to Thailand, we had a very short time to preparing.

This Blessing was a big event in the Sub-district level and we could feel the good atmosphere created by the good spirits who came to support us. All the participant wearing nice and beautiful dresses to attend this blessing. And most of the time they were standing until the end of the ceremony, which was something different from other event we had in he past.

Mr. Wancha’s Heavenly Tribal Messiah group determine to educate all 400 participants with Divine Principle, Blessed Family Tradition and Home Group seminar in order to raise them up to be regular members or associate members of FFWPU Thailand to attend worship service.  Jomphra district of Surin will become future model of Heavenly Tribal Messiah movement that can create thousands of faithful blessed families who attend True Parents in their life of faith and their Home Group activities.

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