Spain: Summer HARP Workshop


By Stefan Campillo Fette, FFWPU Spain

The workshop started on June 28th and ended on the July 7th, 2017, 8 full days in total, in Manantial del Corazon, Madrid. In this workshop, the Harp Committee wanted to focus on Divine Principle, but not on the theoretical aspect, we want to teach them that the Divine Principle is something that is lived out, that the universe is governed by the laws of God and that everybody can see and feel it every day, in the nature, in the family, in everything. We did, since it was not done for some time, a ceremony of purity where each participant promised before God, True Parents and themselves to keep their purity to their future partner.

It was a very beautiful and inspiring workshop. We had a balanced schedule, at all times we wanted them to have talks, but also time for other activities, for games, time to be together. As responsible for the Harp we are aware that our younger brothers and sisters have to grow spiritually, they must learn from the words of the True Parents. Thanks to True Parents and to God we are here together, and that is precisely why we must strive to improve, to create a heavenly environment in the workshop in which each one shines and make others shine, where we love and respect each other as brothers and sisters. And this is something that I could see with my own eyes in this workshop, I could see that being united, loving and uniting as brothers and sisters, talking about our fear, problem or everything, heart to heart, everything is solved.

And that is what makes the workshop so special, forging an authentic relationship of brothers and sisters focused on God and the True Parents. We are not perfect, especially me, we cannot always get it, and because of this, some brothers and sisters have distanced themselves, but we cannot do that, we always have to keep improving, especially for others.

I want to end this report by thanking God and the True Parents for everything they do and give, for all their love, so pure and unconditional and because thanks to them, we have a community that I consider My Family. And I also want to thank the Harp Committee for all the help and support they have given me, to Rubén Cabero, Hideto Tomita, Danna Aronés and Sung Shim Barje (and also Yon Suk Fontinele who was staff in the workshop), Without them it could not have been possible, thank you with all my heart. And last but not least, to all the participants who made this workshop a unique and unforgettable experience. Thank you.

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