Sisterhood Dinner with women leaders of Peru


Prepared by WFWP Peru

We held a special dinner for women leaders, on June 24, 2017 in our Headquarters in Lima with the aim to create ties and strategic alliances to work for a better Peru.

As we began the meeting, Mrs. Faith Jones, President of WFWP Peru gave a biographical address highlighting how God had worked in her life, and how she had attended the inauguration of the WFWP in 1998 led by Rev. and Mrs. Moon. She also explained about her 20 years of social work in Peru, emphasizing how God has guided her. She also expressed her desire to work with this group of women to strengthen the mission and vision of the organization that she presides. Emphasis will be on the welfare needs in the most vulnerable sector of our country.

During the event each leader gave a brief introduction of themselves and their work. At the end it was agreed to meet once a month and the next meeting on Saturday, July 15 in WFWP headquarters. 3 women leaders have been invited to explain the work they are doing as part of the plan to subsequently carry out social projects through WFWP, where the beneficiaries would be the vulnerable sector of Peru.


Mrs. Rosario Tanaka, Vice President of Lima district of Jesus Maria: happy for God’s blessings to share with WFWP and with faith jones “blessed woman and great leader”

Dr. Amavelia Morales, Psychologist: thank you very much for the invitation of the WFWP on Saturday June 24th has been a beautiful experience sharing a meeting of confraternity together with women leaders with a heart of gold for the altruistic work you are doing in Peru.

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