Prof. Yeon Ah Moon Speaks at Our Sunday Service in Vienna


Vienna, Austria – 9th July 2017

Translated by Herbert Wolf


Good morning everyone – guten Morgen!

Thank you for your warm hospitality and beautiful music for Heavenly Parents and True Parents. Let us reciprocate by giving something back to you through a song by my daughter.

[At her mother’s request Shin Yuh Nim came on the stage and sang “Country roads”.]

My English is unfortunately not sufficient to express my thoughts and feelings fully, therefore I asked Herbert to translate, so that I can speak further in Korean.

[in Korean] I wish you all a good day. Today is Sunday; I want to share some things. We just read the Hoon Dok Hae and sang a few devotional songs, which surely caused you to think and feel many things. Also I am asking myself, if True Mother were here now in front of you, what would she have wanted to share from her heart with you? I think first of all, she would present you with a big encouraging smile. Then she would maybe ask you: ‘how have you spent your time? Could you spend it well? In any case thank you for your hard work. In the future I appeal to you to please keep ‘busy as bees”. Possibly she would’ve started with a few words like that – expressing her heart. In my case, can you accept it if I start by smiling at you? That is something like the way True Mother would begin.

You are the children of True Parents in Europe, in whom True Mother’s bright smile would awaken deep feelings. Maybe you can appreciate, I want very much to convey the heart of True Mother – which is much more developed than my own – but feel unqualified. What I can convey, is merely from the level of development of my own heart – I apologies, but hope you understand.

Wherever Mother goes, she smiles and tries to encourage each and everyone. It wasn’t too long ago now, that Mother came on a visit here to Vienna and Europe. You are surely interested how Mother is doing at the present time. As you know just recently Mother called all the leaders from Europe to a meeting in Korea. Were you here in Europe keeping busy and being responsible in your missions during their absence? Or did you use that opportunity to relax and rest? You were keeping busy? Thank you for that.

Maybe you have heard that Mother can’t ever really rest at night, even though she may try. There were many times when she was obliged to start the next day without having really rested at all. You will surely know why. The question is, is that just something you understand with your mind? Or do you also grasp that with your heart? I had the concept that if Mother can’t sleep well, it’s because her thoughts are continually with the providence of heaven – making plans, etc. But specifically, what aspects of the providence are of biggest concern to her? What do you think? If you were similarly concerned with such issues, would you ever be able to take a break and really rest? If you were weighed down with such burdens, even though tired, you also wouldn’t be able to sleep well. If you are greatly troubled, can you sleep well during those times?

Somehow I always manage to sleep more or less okay – maybe that’s a sign that I can’t even imagine such great troubles. Maybe like most of us, mine are primarily ‘mind-level’ concerns. But ‘heart-level’ concerns are of a whole different dimension.

If you invest yourself in your mission with your whole heart, does that primarily burden just your mind or your heart? If we were just concerned in our heads, if the providence would go well or not, would that have such an influence on our ability to sleep?

But if I think about how little time I still have on this earth before I depart for the spirit world, and I think about the present situation of my children who I will have to leave behind, isn’t that a mega-burden of the heart? Could you be concerned with that, and not have great pains in your heart? Then wouldn’t never-being-able-to-rest-at-all be a logical consequence? In that context, isn’t then the sleeplessness of True Mother understandable?

Imagine if you lay down to sleep and closed your eyes, only to reawaken in lands far away to the cries of people there who are desperate to be saved – can you understand why she can’t sleep? Please realize that True Mother’s inability to rest, is a consequence of a heart much bigger than any of us share. It is not only the concern, if we can fulfil the goals of ‘Vision 2020’ or not, but also if all members (and people) can really be saved. What do you think? If you were to really empathize with all members around the world – how much they are investing themselves and what difficult challenges they’re going through – would it be so easy for you to sleep peacefully?

As you observed the masses of refugees who overwhelmed Europe beginning last year, what was your feeling? Forgive me for repeating myself, but also in that regard ‘concerns of the mind (thinking)’ are not the main issue – ‘concerns of the heart’ are far more important.

We would like for our children to prosper, but when they are not doing well, we feel pain in our hearts. While I am still here on the earth, how can I best help my children; and what will happen to them once I have departed to the spiritual world? If you live a life where you really feel that in your heart, then you already know what to do and I don’t need to give any long talk here. I just want to be sure that True Mother’s heart has been conveyed. There are so many things outstanding that are waiting to be fulfilled – consider the realms of love and children; and when our hearts are moved in that direction, how can we sleep peacefully? It’s simple. What results can be achieved on the level of the providence, that’s another issue.

When you look into the face of True Mother, you can sense if she could at least rest a bit or not. With such continual concerns, unfortunately it seems peaceful sleep generally eludes her. I have experienced that directly many times.

From where does the love of True Mother come? How can True Mother love the whole of mankind as her own children – not just as a concept, but in her heart? Could you do that? Is that possible? That’s my personal question to each and everyone of you. How is that possible? For many, maybe most of us, who haven’t had personal experiences with True Mother, we wonder how is it possible that she can love us? How can she love people who she doesn’t even know? How can she feel the love of God in her heart? It is possible because True Mother dwells in the realm of the love of Heavenly Parents – and feels that love in her heart. How does that love feel? Just through prayer, you can’t feel that full love. I was curious to to know if True Mother could really feel the heart of Heavenly Parents deeply? And if we could also feel that, how should we behave?

First, we must develop our interest in that and study it. But just to grasp it intellectually is not enough, we must also experience it. It is because True Parents bond directly to Heavenly Parents in heart – they resonate together. They feel the heart of Heavenly Parents directly and express it. If we could also feel that, how wonderful that would be? So even though I may only have been in the presence of True Parents for a short time, it is neither their physical capacity, nor their intellectual/mind-level capacity, but it is their endless heart of love that really dwarfs everything else. And because of that heart of love, True Parents can persevere to the end. Even if we haven’t developed anywhere near such a capacity to love, they still have the capacity to be patient with us.

You will have sometimes wondered, why have True Parents been so patient with selected leaders who didn’t seem to have exceptional capabilities; why were they still allowed to retain those positions?

Even for us on the lower levels of development, they try to help us develop so that also we can reach the highest realms. If someone has disappointing capabilities, we can’t just discard that person. It’s the same with our children, when our children disappoint us or cause us problems, we can’t just ignore them and discard them. Where does that heart come from? It comes from Heavenly Parents since the beginning of creation. In today’s Hoon Dok Hae, you will find that confirmed.

What is it that Heavenly Parents expected of us since the beginning of creation? If mankind had not fallen, what kind of world would have come about? And how would we have lived in such a world? But now that we came to live in this fallen world, how do Heavenly Parents feel about that? What should we fulfil? We must fulfil the will of God here on earth; we can understand that from Divine Principle.

As True Mother stressed in her most recent public speeches in Korea: you yourselves must fulfil that. You yourselves must take charge and become subjects. Can you fulfil that? Do you resonate with that deep in your heart, or is yours just a commitment in your head? Or do you just do it, because you feel you have to? I hope each and every one of you feels that deeply from the heart and that we mutually share that commitment. I perceive, you Europeans are not the kind of people who might proclaim that boldly; if you could bring yourselves to do that, I feel True Mother would praise you more.

True Mother really considers Europe to be very important. You know that Europe, especially Austria, made a substantial contribution to foreign missions and mobilisations. True Mother can’t forget the potential you have in that direction – the tradition that began with ‘Mission Butterfly’, which has since spread out around the world. Of course you’ve gotten older in the meantime. But you should be proud of it and don’t just keep it for yourselves. For that reason Mother is wondering: ‘what’s going on in Europe? What are my precious sons and daughters there doing? Those members – who have such a tendency toward tranquillity – in whom I have great hope and trust, what are they doing?’ You know that you have great capabilities, and you know that there is no other place in the world that can compare to the capabilities of European members.

Of course there are accompanying obstacles in the European cultural environment, but you are children of God that can be trusted. If you can’t do that, who is going to do it? Then why don’t we deploy our capabilities 100%? Why are we still holding back? The year 2020 is rapidly approaching; when will we start realising our capabilities 100%?

When I look around me here in Austria and especially Vienna – I feel what a wonderful city and a wonderful country. My daughter even mentioned that she would love to live in a place like this; also I feel the same. I could eat schnitzel everyday.

Wherever I walk in the streets I see works of art. When I go into the churches, I am overwhelmed by all the accumulated works of art. It is really wonderful. How can people make so many works of art? What kind of heart does it take to create such wonderful works of art? How much effort and love for detail is invested into each created work? Such loveliness professes to the lovely potential that Heavenly Parents have bestowed on us.

However among those works of art, when we see frequent images of Jesus, we are reminded how unhappy he was; he had such a distressed and sorrowful heart. Wherever you look, you can’t find any images of Jesus where he looks satisfied or happy – why? No one understands the heart of True Parents. It is so difficult for us human beings to perceive the heart of Jesus and True Parents and Heavenly Parents. In the the midst of this externally beautiful environment, why must all people still (internally) carry such a heavy cross on their shoulders and walk the way of his suffering? Why did the Lord of the Second Advent have to come on earth? True Father and True Mother have often spoken of this.

While living in this wonderful external environment, do you have hope in your heart? Do you really have hope? A real hope in your heart, not just in your head? What kind of hope do you have? If the many positive exclamations coming now back from the audience are backed by full commitment, I can stop my talk here; no more words are necessary. Until the year 2020 and beyond, do your best and invest yourselves as True Parents have been guiding us.

We should really live our lives feeling the presence of True Parents every day. Even if True Mother is far away from us distance-wise, we should live each day with concern for her concerns – touching heart to heart. Allow me to provoke movement in your hearts. If we just get stuck as it is at present, it will be a problem.

If we are determined in our hearts that we will accomplish by 2020, then it will be okay. If we can really share the heart of our True Parents, then we can surely stride ahead – just as True Parents have tirelessly stridden on, in spite of not being able to rest, but because they shared the heart of Heavenly Parents. In our individual heart-realms, if we manage to connect to that same root, we can also be successful. Thus we can’t really afford to further meander around, disconnected from the heart of True Parents.

The calling is for each and every one of us to make renewed effort. After all, don’t you long to develop your heart more; don’t you long to become wiser and more mature? Therefore, you should focus more on making this attitude an essential part of your daily life. In this regard I, don’t need to repeat how important it is to daily study Hoon Dok Hae. For the same reason, we should never cease to make efforts to attend Sunday services – continually seeking to renew our connection to Heavenly Parents and True Parents. As important as that is, following it is a warning: as I’m sure you’re aware, if I focus only on cultivating my own personal vertical relationship, but neglect keeping that in balance with the horizontal relationships given me in my life – if I neglect to share it with my blessed-partner, family, extended-family / community, etc. – then it loses its value and meaning. Just my good thoughts and intentions are not enough. Each and every one of us needs those relationships to the people around us – given to us in our lives. Mutual relationships are essential. Our lives were designed to be lived together with others – establishing deep mutual relationships of heart. Once we accomplish that, other people will begin to really acknowledge and respect us.

True Mother expects us to transpose our own personal vertical relationship, in all the horizontal relationships to the people given to us in our lives. With what attitude will we be able to realize that? Isn’t it the attitude: that we keep giving, giving and giving, then immediately forget what we have given?

From now on we must realize our responsibility. If I invest in others – giving and giving – and as a result they develop themselves, then I also need to take responsibility for such development. That is love.

That is the heart of parents for their children. That is the heart of grandparents for their grandchildren. It is the expectation that my children and grandchildren will develop more fully than I myself. I will only really be happy, when they have more fully developed than I myself – to see the substantial effects of my giving and giving. This is the attitude of heart that we should bring into our mutual life- relationships. As True Parents love all of us, we should love the people around us in our personal lives.

What is it that I should do to get my counterparts (the individual people in my personal realm of life) to develop better than myself? Is it enough when I say that I should give, give and give, then immediately forget what I have given? No, I must also take responsibility for the outcome – in other words, my responsibility grows and grows and never ends. I am reminded of a slogan I heard from the time of the last world war: ‘we will take responsibility until the very end’. Can I take responsibility for my actions for all eternity? If we live with such a heart, we touch the heart of Heavenly Parents. True Parents take responsibility for us until the very end. Even when we falter and our capabilities are insufficient, they never abandon us. They as parents are continually concerned: how can I help my children to develop? I think I don’t need to explain further; if each one of you can develop yourselves along these lines, then I feel encouraged.

In each family with more children, there is quite often a child who is less developed than the others, causing concern. The first thing I feel in my heart is: when I go to the spiritual world, what will happen to that child? I must make extra special effort that that child also develops; then when I am no longer around, it could also be okay. Of primary concern is not how to point out the insufficiency of that child or even to scold it, but to find out: how can I provide what that child needs to develop? Then I might be obliged to take from what the other children have – from those who are well developed, to share with that less-developed child. The result may not look like fair and equal distribution, because I would end up giving more to the disadvantaged child than to the others. But my intention is to help the disadvantaged child to develop as well as the others. That might mean that I would entrust the more capable children with more difficult tasks or missions, because I know they can handle that. Couldn’t that be the case?

So you brothers and sisters here in Europe, please know that Mother trusts you. She knows you can handle it, you almost carry on by yourselves, even though she wasn’t always able to give you so much. But you understand: it would be a heavy burden, if I went go into the spiritual world without having been able to help those more disadvantaged children. I appeal to you to appreciate that, equal quality of parental love (which is not visible), should not be confused with equitable portioning in the visible realm. You give a lot to the ones that need a lot, and you give less to those who can manage with less – don’t you do like that with your own children as well? Instinctively you don’t always portion everything exactly equally; just as you would never give up on a child because it was less fortunate or disadvantaged. On the contrary, you would try to help especially the less-advantaged by giving out even more to them. Therefore because Mother couldn’t always reward you with abundant external expressions of love, and True Parents even entrusted you with especially difficult tasks – like Mission Butterfly, which not just anyone could have accomplished – you had to go through especially difficult situations, because they recognised (and were nurturing) your potential. Those are some of the reasons why Mother sent me to encourage the European leadership. She didn’t always have the opportunity to give out to all in the world equally; she really wants to know how you’re doing and she knows you are trying to give your best every day – however difficult it may be, trying not to be discouraged and not to lose the essential connection to Heavenly Parents and True Parents. As I in the position of a parent try to do my best, please you also try to do your best. Imagine the heart of Mother when she can’t find peace in sleep, and believe that you are the children she can trust, and on whom she can rely.

True Mother often says that there are many people who have been prepared by heaven and it is our responsibility to find them. There are many good people in this world. There are a lot of people who are better than we ourselves. There are people who live a life more for the sake of others than we do; it is our responsibility to find those people and connect them to the Heavenly Parents. Why?

Because we are the children of True Parents, if we are conscious of that or not.

My likes and dislikes are not as important as what God thinks (likes). Most important is: what is the will of God and what is the will of True Parents? What do they expect of us? So when we make effort, then we will also be able to find those people prepared by heaven and connect them.

Our tribal mission to bless 430 couples – that is our responsibility which we need to fulfill. The numbers are not as important as finding the people prepared by heaven. We must keep ‘knocking on doors’ and keep tirelessly arranging meetings until we find them. You will then find them, often where you least expected. That’s why there’s no time to rest, but every day we need to keep making effort, so that eventually as many people as possible can share the joy of salvation. I wish that those people could live better than my own children.

If I live a struggling life, but as long as my children are happy, in the end we all will share sufficient happiness. On the other hand if I live a struggling life, I don’t want to inherit that kind of life to my children. It would be quite a different story, if I oblige my children to go through a struggling course, in order for them to fulfill higher goals and develop themselves more. That is a heart of parents, that is universal. When I am with True Parents, I feel that kind of heart projecting from them. In the presence of their heart, I am most aware of how much there still is to be done.

Here in Europe the hope is that we can kindle a new fire for the vision of Heavenly Parents, which earns the praise of True Parents. That is the heart of True Mother. How do we respond to that heart? There is not much more time until the year 2020.

Sometimes I imagine, what will it be like when True Mother goes into the spiritual world? How will we live? Will we have a greater hope than now? Can we reliably take responsibility for the future with what we have learned from True Parents until now? Can my 10-year-old son reliably take responsibility for his future without me? Can you understand, how True Mother is concerned about us? She is now 74 years old. How long will her health hold up, so that she can still actively work together with us? It’s unlikely that she will reach 100. Perhaps 20 more years? It is our hope that it will be at least 20 years; it could of course be less than that. It could also be that she lives a long time, but is not able to work together with us as interactively as she does now.

The issue is, can we stride ahead in place of True Parents? How much we must develop ourselves so that we are able to do that? Your conscience will be able to answer that. Your conscience will dictate to you what needs to be done now. What do Heavenly Parents expect of us at this time? What kind of heart do True Parents have?

We shouldn’t overhear the voice of our own conscience. Even if that voice is very quiet, we should especially seek it – developing our abilities to hear it. If you do that you will be more aware of the heart of True Parents. Let us not let our original mind (or should we call it: access to our original heart) falter and weaken. Even if you don’t want to do the things it dictates, we must do them anyway. Why? Because those are the tasks given to us by True Parents. The concerns of True Parents are my concerns. I should continually pull myself together, to renew my efforts for True Parents.

Before True Father went into the spiritual world, he wanted to have accomplished everything. True Father and True Mother who love us so much, were always most concerned to establish a secure environment for us to live well; they gave (are still giving) their all. So if we get stuck in our development, and don’t develop further, who is going to do that for us? The onus is on us; that’s our job – my job.

When we become old, is it right to lean back and rather let our children work for us? You know what I’m talking about. The challenge is: those glorious ideals in our heads – how can we transpose them in our hearts? How can we become parents, like our distant True Parents? How can we love other people, as we love our own children and siblings? If you love with the heart of a parent, it will work – taking responsibility up to the very end.

When I observe that the people around me are developing, I feel happy. Because you share that kind of heart with True Parents, that’s one good reason why you are still here. If we live with that quality of heart, then it won’t be a problem for us to fulfill that mission of 430 couples. Don’t think about fulfilling that mission alone, it is for us to fulfil together. I bring a few, the others bring more, or vice versa – we accomplish it together. We’re one big family. It’s not about me alone claiming the limelight and receiving the praise, or not. From the vantage point of parents, I want to inherit all benefits to the children.


From the audience comes a request to comment on the role of the Holy Spirit.

I want to emphasize the power of love – the love of True Parents. Not everything can be fulfilled through the power of the Holy Spirit alone.

Certainly, by virtue of the Holy Spirit Christianity could be empowered. But how many Christians were martyred? Why do I continually refer back to the love of True Parents? Because in my experience, that is of most central importance. We studied Divine Principle and try to grasp God’s providence, in that context what is brought out as being of most central importance? Why did True Father never cease encouraging us to live for the sake of others? Because with that attitude of heart I can change the people of the world.

Many church leaders have assured us, that True Parents love us, but how can I tell that they love us? I can’t always feel it; I have maybe very seldom met them; I don’t know; and when they speak with strong conviction, I’m almost afraid; I don’t feel the warmth of love. Parents don’t just give sweets to their children. They want to inherit a good world to us. They want us to develop better than our parent’s generation. Once you have become parents yourselves, you begin to grasp that. If we live every day with that attitude of heart, then surely a Holy Spirit power will be generated. To me that is love. What is that love like?

When my child was five years old, I asked him: you know that I love you, don’t you? He said, no; and I was shocked. What’s wrong? Why can’t you feel it? He said: you push me to eat vegetables and do house-chores; when I want to play my favorite game, you often don’t allow it – I don’t feel loved.

Then I asked: do you feel that your father loves you? He answered, yes. Why? We watch movies together, he plays with me, he takes me on excursions and goes shopping with me, etc. The expression of love that comes across, varies according to the purpose of the activity at hand.

When do you feel loved? Does just a sense of security/protection bring out feelings of being loved in you? When my parents confront me with difficult challenges, couldn’t that also be an expression of their love? Perhaps, even if it didn’t feel very nice at all at the time, when I later discover how much I could develop through those challenges, I recognized the love of my parents and am grateful – maybe especially because of those challenges, I could develop so much more than I would have otherwise.

My husband, Hyo Jin Nim, was sometimes at the bottom of ‘deep valleys’; at other times he was at the top of ‘high peaks’ – there were many ups and downs; I wouldn’t say his was such an exemplary life. You have probably heard that there were unfortunately enough downs, but he proclaimed he would take personal responsibility to the end for any mistakes. What impressed me was, he explained he was grateful to Heavenly Parents, not only for the highest points in his life, but also for the lowest; because he recognized: by having gone through those most difficult times, he could especially develop himself; through those he could develop his personality more, including his love for others. He said if he hadn’t gone through those most difficult situations, he might have become a much more rough, wild person – a fate he could thankfully avoid.

So again, what is the love of Heavenly Parents and True Parents? What is the essence of that love?

Often that love may express itself in an unconventional way – sometimes it might even lead us through the pits of difficult situations; sometimes I may feel more hated than loved; at other times I might feel more ignored and humiliated than otherwise. At times the impression might even arise: they certainly don’t feel like my parents. But when you think about it, was there ever any moment in my life when the love of Heavenly Parents, the Holy Spirit and True Parents didn’t exist? Those voids, those lacking that I felt, was that because no love existed? Or was that rather due to an immature development of my own perception?

The history of the Holy Spirit and the history of the love of True Parents, that is the history of the love through which we could develop; that is the love that parents express to their children; that is the history of a love, wherein parents continually tried to lift their children up higher than they were themselves. All forms of that love only ever existed so that we could develop our hearts further. And that love is for you; each and every one of you are embraced by that love – the love of the Holy Spirit, the love of Heavenly Parents.

How does that love come to us? I’d like to propose, as preparation for the time after which True Parents can no longer interactively relate to us in this physical world: from now on every remaining day, we should try to accelerate our development of heart, in order to be ready. Sometimes we may get the ‘sweet’, but we won’t be able to avoid sometimes also getting the ‘sour’ – in order for us to develop.

Beware of a verbal ‘I-love-you-I-love-you-culture’ – that’s not the solution; in fact, in certain situations that could even be counter-productive, eventually making things worse for all involved.

True Mother often emphasizes she is ‘the only begotten daughter’. How are we to understand that? I understand that as follows. She is the True Mother who takes responsibility for us to the very end. She takes responsibility as True Parents for all of us until the very end. ‘The only begotten daughter’ takes responsibility for her children. How thankful we must be that True Mother takes responsibility for us until the very end? We must be grateful that she is not just holding us by ourselves responsible.

That’s the way I understand it. Her attitude is: I will help you so that you can fulfill your responsibility to the very end. I feel it is True Mother’s love for us, that she takes responsibility for us in all eternity. I hope you can appreciate the magnitude of what I am saying.

Sorry if I have sometimes repeated myself. We don’t know how much and how often we will still be able to meet with True Mother and interact with her. I want to convey to you the endless love she has for her children. That’s why I wanted to convey her continual concern, her restless heart. What more is there to be said about the love of the Holy Spirit and the love of True Mother? Your original minds will be touched and will recognize what I’m talking about.

You all believe that our end goal is to live happily together with Heavenly Parents? You also know that it’s one of our first priorities to restore one nation for Heavenly Parents. The providence of True Parents is not a personal undertaking, but extends worldwide. Why have they founded so many organizations, like IAPP (International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace), etc.? For the providence, they have founded so many organizations. They have not done that because we didn’t fulfil our responsibility, but for the purpose of establishing a foundation for as many people as possible to connect to True Parents. We will be the beneficiaries of that great heritage.

However, while they are still alive on this earth they need our cooperation – with all blessed families together. We need to restore the tribal-messiah heritage and the national heritage. There are many partial supporting goals – like the organizations: IAPP, IAYSP (International Association of Youth and Students for Peace), UPF, etc. (just to name a few) – which all merge into one overall goal. In my opinion the providence of the Holy Spirit fulfills itself in this way. Of course feeling the warmth of personal love, is not one of the strong points of that providential-organizational-level work, which needs to be done – it all has its importance. That’s another reason why we should continually nurture that vital vertical relationship in our daily lives. And those vertical impulses we are challenged to transpose into realization on the ‘horizontal plains’ around us in our unique individual situations.

To summarize, True Parents are continually endeavoring to give their all for us. How do we feel that? It’s like we as parents experience with our children; like the heart that I want to give to my children; it’s related to the struggle I have invested through my whole life, so that my children would have it better than I – so that they can be happy without having to go such a struggling course. But for that to come about, someone will have to have gone that struggling course; therefore it would be ideal if I as a child of True Parents could take on that responsibility – with a grateful heart. Ideally I should apologise to True Parents and offer to go a struggling course on their behalf, regardless of how difficult that situation may be. Actually in your situation there is no one else who can do it except you. If you had a child who is involved in a mission where they often have to risk their life, could you sleep peacefully? Could you eat your meals, or go about other routines in your daily life, with peace in your heart? Your thoughts and prayers would be continually with your endangered children – such a way of life would be a sign of your great love.

Most of all I want to make you aware of such a realm of heart. More valuable than countless empty words about love, is to know that feeling confirmed in our hearts. Do we feel that greater dimension of love through our daily actions/activities or not?

Once again, I want to draw your attention to how much True Mother embraces us with that dimension of love. She is tirelessly seeking how she can give more and more to you – she’s trying to set up that kind of ‘culture’, starting from Cheongpyeong and extending it in providential activities around the world. And what is the purpose and goal of that? It is for you. She wants to leave behind a better world in which you can live. In the process, it can’t be avoided that you will also have to sometimes go through a struggling course, and take on many responsibilities, but she believes in you – that you can do it – that’s why she shares those challenges with you. Even if that is difficult, will you do it or not? We should always maintain the attitude, if my brother or sister can’t manage, on their behalf I will try to carry a bigger share; and all that I have, I will do my best to share with others – that is ‘lived love’.

Love is not so concerned if things are portioned out equally or not. Maybe I am repeating myself again, but maybe that is also how love sometimes expresses itself. I will gladly take on difficult challenges – our True Father was an example in that. He tirelessly did Hoon Dok Hae, regardless if he hadn’t slept or hadn’t eaten. Why did he behave like that? Because of this attitude of heart that we are talking about. Let me give the better part to you, and I’ll gladly take the worse part. I choose to rather take the difficult path, for your sake. That’s Mother’s way. That’s the way of the heart of Heavenly Parents.

We must acknowledge who Heavenly Parents are, and who True Parents are. We must fulfill the wish of Heavenly Parents. We must grow into being filial children of our Heavenly Parents. If we really love Heavenly Parents, we must go that course. Our Heavenly Parents have always secretly been in love with us. True Parents have tirelessly been trying to make us aware of that. We must strive to become parents who fulfill the 430-couples mission. In addition, we must strive to always take responsibility until the very end. In that way, we respond to the call of our parents, then we can really feel the heart of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. We must thoroughly experience the heart of True Parents before we depart into the spiritual world.

True Mother is trying tirelessly to make us aware of that. She is restlessly concerned how she can give out more and better. The time will come when all will acknowledge that.

I hope my sharing could help you. Our time is limited; True Mother’s time with us on this earth is limited. Satan has ample opportunity to get involved and erect obstacles blocking the way of the providence. When we lay conditions that Satan can use, progress may stop. So you understand why I can’t just gloss things over (by only talking about sunshine and flowers). We must be aware of the time which we are living, spiritually wake up and strive boldly forward.

We must again and again readjust our hearts, to follow better the example shown to us by True Parents. I hope in this way that I could provoke movement in your hearts. Until now we may not have lived such an exemplary life of faith, although we may have been used it. Perhaps it is then good to be made more aware that our Mother is concerned about us, feels pain in her heart – let us strive to better align our hearts with her heart. But how do you feel?

As True Parents are doing for us, that us strive to do for our own children, for others; if we don’t carry on that heritage, there’s little hope for the future. I can’t really imagine how it will be when True Parents no longer on this earth, but if you and I take full responsibility maybe it will be okay. One thing is sure, we can’t (find the happiness we long for, if we) drift or run away from True Parents. Sooner or later we grasp that in our hearts. Depths of the heart are not always logically explainable.

In conclusion, I want to convey what I personally have experienced with True Parents. If that weren’t the case I wouldn’t be standing here appealing to you, I would probably be out somewhere enjoying things with my children. It is my sincere hope that all of us will stride together to the very end with True Parents… This has been an attempt to convey the heart of True Mother. Once again, I apologize for my inadequacy in that regard. Thank you very much.

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