Peru: Ambassadors for Peace’s Efforts


By Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

The month of June has been a busy time for UPF in Peru thanks to the constant effort of some of our Ambassadors for Peace who have asked us to support and co-sponsor their activities.

On the 7th of June in the historical House of Literature, located a few yards away from the Presidential Palace in down-town Lima we co-sponsored an event where Mr. Carlos Turrin, regional representative of the UPF for East Lima, presented his second book entitled “the rat in the hole” which referred to a time in Peru when various people were imprisoned for opposing the government.

Opening remarks were given by Mr. Jesús Aquino, President of the Latin American Association of Christian Writers. The book was introduced by Mr. Juan Benavente, Director of “Literary Fridays”, and other representatives of the media also shared their thoughts.

Following a musical interlude UPF appointed three new Ambassadors for Peace. The meeting room was filled to capacity with over 100 people being registered.

On the 16th of June UPF supported Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Virginia Zegarra, President of the institution “Afro-Peruvian Roots” when she chaired a meeting in the Congress which focused on the needs of the Afro-Peruvian community in Peru.

She began her speech with the following words: “In search of Afro-Peruvian Recognition. Our skin color is dark that is true but for that I do not feel less … I feel less like this is me, it is the culture that I practice … I want to tell all Afro-Peruvian children to fight for their rights, do not feel intimidated by others, know that we also respect our culture because it is what we practice.”

The Forum was entitled: Towards a Legislative Agenda: Public Policies for the Afro-Peruvian people. The meeting was also supported by the government department Ministry for Women as well as various congressmen.

On the 21st June the ceremony was held to celebrate the United Nations World Day of Yoga 2017. The event was organized by UPF together with the Great Universal Brotherhood who we have worked with for the past few years The meeting was held in their headquarters with more than 70 guests attending including 25 Ambassadors for Peace and their guests. There was a demonstration of Yoga by members of the Brotherhood and the Director gave a deep explanation on the value and meaning of Yoga.

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