Northeast: Second generation’s Summer Workshop


by Alexei Saveliev, FFWPU Northeast

We held a 9-day Summer workshop for the second generations from June 24, to July 2nd, 2017, in Belarus. We had 55 participants from Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

Why this workshop was so significant? This workshop was a regional level workshop so it became part of roadmap for the education of the second generations in the Northeast region, to raise future cheon il guk leaders.

Distinctive feature of this workshop is that team leaders were older 2nd generation teenagers, so they become a role model for the younger children. It’s a valuable experience for team leaders to develop their heart of caring for younger’s, share their experience in life of faith, how they built their relationships with God, how they become victorious in keeping their purity. It is very inspiring to younger children and they want to become like these older teenagers in their life of faith. This time the team leader came from Slovakia, Switzerland, Russia and Belarus.

The whole workshop was designed in a way that all the participants experience God as their real Parent, build up close relationship with each other as brothers and sisters and make plan for future.

Following True Mothers instruction to raise talented and faithful second generations, our region centering on Dr. Otsuka, the regional president of Northeast, will strive to make Vision 2020 victorious by educating and raising future leaders of Cheon Il Guk.

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