Italy: Trophy of Peace 2017


By Franco Ravaglioli, UPF Italy

On Sunday, June 25, the Sada Soccer Stadium in Monza hosted the finals of the twelfth edition of the Trofeo della Pace (Trophy of Peace), a 7th inter ethnic football tournament organized by UPF – Universal Peace Federation Monza, together with the UISP Local Committee – the Italian Sporting Union for All .

Sport is a vehicle for integration and social cohesion, confirming universal language that can promote fundamental peace messages for a healthy civil coexistence. In the field, there were a hundred young players of the most diverse nationalities and backgrounds.

A party of colors that goes beyond the sporting result, capable of transforming a simple balloon into a message of brotherhood and solidarity. Moreover, the Trophy of Peace refers to the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the creator of the Peace Cup, the international football tournament that has been held in various nations in the past.

Carlo Chierico, director of UPF Monza, kicked off at around 15 o’clock with the start of the trio of the Freedom Cup. Pavia’s Sprar guys got the best on the Color Team and the All Stars Refugees, winning the cup of freedom.

The Trophy of Peace entered the live with the race valid for the 5th place between Real Monza and Atletico XX Settembre. A fun challenge ended 1 to 1 and then with the victory, 4 to 3 at the penalty shootout, by Real. Despite the conciliatory atmosphere, the boys in the field are demonstrating to take every match seriously. Very important indeed was the work of the UISP local committee leaders who tried to keep the rate in the field at a fair level.

At about 5:30 pm, the third and fourth place between CPIA Monza Adult Education Center Center and UPF Sport for Peace started. A match that was resolved with the result of 4-2 in favor of the boys of the CPIA, who beat the champions in office of the past edition.

The culmination of the event was reached around 18 and 30 with the finals between Black United and CMR 50 (Centro Mamma Rita). The match gave reason to the boys in orange shirt of the Center Mamma Rita, who after several attempts in recent years, have finally been able to impress in the final thanks to the overwhelming result of 4-1 A verdict that leaves no room for interpretation and crowns the CMR 50 the strongest team in this edition.

“An event that has given us a lot of emotions,” said Silvano Appiani, Managing Director of Sport of the City of Monza, “we have seen matches that are really fought and with a higher technical level than expectations. But above all, it was a wonderful afternoon of sport and friendship. The Trophy of Peace confirms one of the most significant events in the city for the strengthening of social cohesion “.

At the end of the matches there were the prizes, with cups for teams, medals and gadgets for all players, arranged by the various authorities present. The Champion of the Trophy of the Peace and the winners of the individual awards have been finally rewarded by Mayor Roberto Scanagatti, who, within hours of the balloting vote for the new mayor’s vote, chose to respect the institutional obligations of the first citizen.

The numerous public present contributed to the success of the event, highlighting with the first applause the most beautiful action views in the field and then all the teams and the award winning players. The next Trofeo of Peace events are scheduled for September with the fifth edition of the Women’s Volleyball Inter ethnic Tournament, and next year will be the thirteenth edition of the soccer tournament. Incredible appointments focusing all of us on the importance of sport as a vehicle of proximity between peoples and social integration.

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