Italy: Public Celebration of Day of All True Things


By Vita and Renato Vallone

It’s a hot Milan summer Sunday morning (June 11, 2017), our brothers and sisters prepared to share a celebration of “The True Day of All Things” as a public event. In Park Sempione near the local holy ground, equipped with gazebo, chairs, balloons, boxes full of leaflets and various publications.

A beautiful range of ages including CARP, IRFF and youngsters, inflate the balloons to be given to children in the park.

There are flowering plants that make a beautiful show of themselves on the table with the magazine “Voice of Peace”, Divine Principle Books, True Fathers Autobiography and leaflets of the various Federations. The flowering plants we give it as a gift, a symbol of creation to those who will approach the gazebo to have information.

We take refuge in the shade that park trees give us, sitting on the lawn on chairs and mats, as someone stops the passers-by.

The first curious stop, ask, look, someone purchases the autobiography, others take leaflets, or ask for a balloon for a child.

Manuela, a University student of literature, approaches and is curious about the Autobiography, she loves to read and immediately acquires a copy, then stays to talk.  Another woman buys an autobiography then returns late in the afternoon saying she has read it all! She leaves her e-mail address, wanting further information.

An attorney, riding a bike, is curious about some eastern faces in the group, tells us that his wife is Japanese.

Manuela (the name means God in the midst of us) stayed with us all morning, willing to take part in our reading of the speech “The day of all things” that True Father gave in 1963. While reading the part that speaks of True Love, it moved her to tears. It is amazing the impact of sharing the words of True Parents.

We alternated in reading, and finally ended with a prayer circle, holding hands, while music in the background created atmosphere.

Picnic lunch followed and there was a lot of sharing between each other.

In the afternoon, the players of the UPF Monza Peace Soccer Tournament Team arrived, Live music began, alternating with some speakers, Flavio Negri, author of “sharing the choice of heart”, then Flora Tognoli, sharing the ITALIA WATINOMA ONLUS project, which deals with projects in schools in Burkina Faso, Africa, and also organizes a youth summer project.

Watermelon is shared by all, even passersby. The program continues with music and testimony, all afternoon. It was a different day than usual, which we will repeat once a month until October. Particular thanks to the Celestial Parent whom allowed all of this.

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