Italy: “Let’s liberate our Hearts” Seminar


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

On July 9th in Milan, we held a one-day seminar for blessed families and members, with the purpose to revive the spirit and the identity of our membership.

Recently I met True Mother in Korea and I really felt that we should make a deep change, either internally and externally in our movement. We had a meeting in which we planned quite deep changes in our structure, especially including several more 2nd gen and young members. Once again, we realized that our activities are mainly conducted by a minority of members. Why is that so? What blocks the other members from participating more actively? They have faith, they are good people, they come to the Sunday service and give tithing, but this is all they do. So, while we reorganize our Italian movement, according to True Mother’s directions, we have to re-motivate our membership in order to unleash all potential we have. As always, the core issue in related to our heart.

This WS is not based on long lectures that people attend passively. It starts, after an introduction to explain the meaning and the program, with 5 minutes hundocché, 10 minutes of conveying inspiration in each session by a different speaker and then 1 hour and 15 minutes of organized group discussions. The sessions were: First, my personal relationship with Heavenly Parent and True Parents, Second, conjugal love and family relationships and Third, my personal relationship with my brothers and sisters in the community. Each group discussion was guided by precise points to discuss and coordinated by experienced brothers and sisters, to allow the proper flow of give and take, that everybody could express freely himself, and that the discussion could keep the focus. In the last fourth session, we had the life testimonies from several brothers and sisters to the full assembly.

This one in Milan was the third of such seminars, after San Marino and Bergamo and we can say that could reach its goal: allowing brothers and sisters to open their hearts, expressing their hopes and difficulties, knowing each other more than ever and starting a new level in the quality of relationships and community life. We can happily say, that a better ground for cooperation and witnessing was set in those communities. It was just a beginning of a new culture of sharing and living as a true family, to create a better environment for all new people that will come through our Tribal Messiah activities. In all the cities where we had already this seminar, we experienced tears, we heard beautiful testimonies, we came to know each other more than ever before and finally we feel much more than before true brothers and sisters, centered on our True Parents.

We will continue soon in all the other cities to start to generate the change that True Mother is asking us to make.


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  1. This is much needed in Europe right now.
    A very good start in Italy, let’s hope other nations will follow in your foot steps.

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