Italy: Another amazing day in the “Queen’s Hall” of the Italian Parliament


By Giuseppe Cali, UPF Italy

On July 27th 2017, organized by the “La Sapienza University” of Rome and the patronage of:

Senate of Republic, Chamber of Deputies, Lazio Region, Rome City Hall and WFWP, an important event was organized in the most prestigious conference hall of the Italian Parliament, a hall named “Queen’s Hall”. Needless to say, that the name itself inspired us to feel that the True Queen, our beloved True Mother, could rightfully enter through us for the first time in this wonderful and meaningful place, usually reserved to top level events.

My wife, Elisabetta Nistri, as President of WFWP and myself, as President of FFWPU were invited among the main speakers. The main topic was “Uniqueness”, that means that we should build up a society in which all people can have the possibility to express talents and skills, to contribute to the wellbeing of the society. As examples of this uniqueness, scientists, actors, singers, TV channel directors, Financial strategists were invited to testify about their own experience.

Elisabetta was asked to speak on WFWP and how this organization is helping women to emerge in society as leaders and social activists. She introduced True Parents and especially True Mother as exemplary woman, mother and leader and then explained how WFWP is working in Italy and in the world to promote true values, faith, true education and social harmony. Right after, continuing her speech, I introduced the FFWPU and its founders and went on speaking about the importance of raising healthy families, educating children properly, preparing for the sacredness of conjugal love, being husband and wives together the image of God, and finally calling all the institutions to support our effort to build a family culture in our country and protecting and supporting families for the sake of a better future.

One of the most interesting fact was that we were introduced, not individually, but as exemplary couple. Lady Virginia Vandini was the main organizer and conductor of the event. She came to our HQ in Rome already few times and she could even give one beautiful morning lectures on communication to our HARP members. She appreciated so much our children, their attitude, their abilities to listen, participate and embrace her that she fell in love with all of us since then. That’s why she gave such an amazing testimony about us and our movement.

At the end, she gave each one of us a diploma of “Uniqueness”: “For having fulfilled an exemplary life of Freedom, Love, Understanding, Respecting and Embracing others, in service to the world”.

We were happy for the testimony we could give to such distinguished audience, in one of the most important place of the country, named meaningfully to the Queen, for us the true Queen, True Mother. We were happy also for the participation of some of our members especially some 2nd gen. that could receive so much inspiration from it. We always invite them to attend and support, so that we can build up stronger identity, unity and determination.

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