Italy: A Splendid Workshop for Our Young 2nd Generations


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

We held a workshop in our training center in Colle Mattia, Rome, for 2nd generation children of elementary and middle schools from July 10 to 16, 2017 with the motto: “On the path of life: Discover, Live, Share”.

Elisabetta Nistri, wife of National leader and Angelo Chirulli, pastor of Padova, together with Gukson Capone, Alessia Preciutti, Davide Chirulli, Alma Galasso, Aurora Fluckiger, Erik Celnikasi, Shine Kershbaumayr, July Cirelli, Valerio Tammiso, Noemia Alves, Rebecca Stoika, Martin Chionna all 2nd gen., plus Rosario Sileo, Elisa Gonella kitchen staff and the couple Bernardi Emanuele and Maria Grazia, organized it very well.

All together forty-four 2nd gen. attended, divided in groups by age, following the program that was very various and complete. First, in the morning, prayer, hundocchè and lectures on character education, parts of Divine Principle and even YOGA lectures and basic education to spirituality. Among the teachers, beside the two 1st gen. organizers, several 2nd generation elder brothers and sisters.

In the afternoon, team games in which they could challenge themselves in competing with the other teams, with the purpose to strengthen their unity, their skills and giving up their energies. They had also a one-day excursion to Tuscolo mountain with several hours walking to climb it and a final pizza party to celebrate the victorious effort.

On Friday night, a prayer vigil around a small fire, in which all children could burn their letters to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Saturday, the last evening, as always, a family gathering was organized, with the participation of some of the parents as well, in which all children could show their talents through singing, acting in sketches created by them, showing videos filmed by them during the workshop and offering various performances.

Usually I teach, but this time I wanted to just serve, support and observe and I had such a different and beautiful experience! I was delighted by watching the teachers giving all their heart to these children that were so beautiful in responding. I was amazed by the beauty of the love and care that everybody expressed and by the Divine character that these children manifest, even at such young age.

How wonderful is our life, thanks to God and True Parents! Our hope and love are not empty, just fruit of imagination and blind faith: we can see them in our beautiful Blessed Children. I really understood how important is to educate them since such a young age, to help them in forming properly their character and build up their divine potential. How beautiful is to see elder children taking care of the younger ones in such lovely way. If we could focus on the beauty of our Blessed life, forgetting about all conflicts and unprincipled situations that many times take too much space in our minds, how much more power we could have and how much more effective could be our witnessing!

This workshop made me realizing once more that we are really Blessed again and again for having met our True Parents. Thank you again and again!

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