India: Family Peace Festivals in Sikkim


By Krishna Adhikari, FFWPU India

We organized Heavenly Tribal Messiah Family Peace Festival in 3 location in Sikkim on 25th, 26th and 30th June 2017 respectively. Wife of National Leader of India Mrs. Chatra Maya Subba coordinated these all the programs with the help of UPF Committee Members Engineer Pradhumna Shrestha, Mr. Tshering Sherpa, Shri H. P. Dhakal along with the few blessed family of Sikkim Mr & Mrs. Daljeet Limboo, Mr. and Mrs. Santosh Sharma and Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Limboo. Though Hon’ble G. M. Gurung, Minister of Government of Sikkim and Chairman of UPF-Sikkim was scheduled to grace all the events at the Chief Guest, he could not attend the program in East and West District due to some personal unavoidable circumstances but he attended the program on 30th June at South Sikkim. Total of around 200 couples attended the program with great enthusiasm and commitment to dedicate themselves in building the ideal families of love.

The first program was organized at Gangtok, East Sikkim at the Conference Hall of Forest Department, Government of Sikkim.  Around 100 people attended the program including the 40 couples from North and East District of Sikkim. The second program was organized at the Auditorium of Tharpu Senior Secondary School at West Sikkim, which was attended by almost 200 people including 80 couples from various place of West District and the third program was organized at the Namchi Community Hall at South Sikkim with around total of 100 people.

Chief Guest was Shri C. P. Dhakal, Special Secretary of Government of Sikkim, Hon’ble J. B. Tamang, Advisor of Horticulture Board Government of Sikkim graced the first and second program as the Chief Guest but at the third program Hon’ble G. M. Gurung, Minister of Government of Sikkim and Chairman of UPF-Sikkim attended the program as the Chief Guest.

In all three program, before officiating the Blessing Ceremony Mr. Krishna Adhikari delivered a special presentation on the topic IDEAL FAMILIES: FOUNDATION FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT describing the absolute need of the Blessings of Marriage from the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and all Humankind for creating the Ideal Families of True Love.

In fact, we had already started the HTM Blessing movement in Sikkim by organizing a special Blessing Program on 1st November 2015 with more than 400 couples which also attended by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Continental Director of FFWPU-Asia, who had even planned to organize the Blessing Program of 25,000 couples in Sikkim in 2016 but due to some problems in 2016 we could not hold any Blessing Program over in Sikkim. So, this new start has given a great encouragement and motivation to our Family Members in Sikkim to carry on this significant program with their level best dedication to raise at least 3 HTM victors in Sikkim within 2017 supporting the National goal of achieving 12 HTM Victors within this year of 2017.

During the speches of all the Chief Guests, they expressed their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our True Parents for providing such a precious Heavenly Blessings to them. They want to expend their whole-hearted support to expand this Ideal Family Movement in Sikkim. To organize the future Family Blessings Events effectively our UPF Leaders wants to plan a 2 Days Special Seminar to the Local Leaders at the end of this month.

Thank you, True Parents for giving us this great vision at this time of great confusion and chaos everywhere.

At the end, I thank one and all who directly and indirectly supported the success of these three small HTM Blessing Programs held in Sikkim.

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