Inauguration of IAPP Dominican Republic


By Leonidas Belliard, FFWPU Dominican Republic

On July 5th, 2017, at the presence of international delegates welcomed by Dr. Dae Hee Hong, special envoy and headed by Hon. Jose Alberto Alfaro, former president of the National Assembly in Costa Rica, together Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Sang Suek Kim, our especial envoy, 3 senators plus 20 congressmen and women, UPF Dominican Republic, we hold the inauguration of IAPP in the national senate building. This event promoted and organized by honorable Senator Amarilis Santana and 13 congressmen and congresswomen who become board members of the local chapter of IAPP. This event was the first IAPP inauguration in the central American and Caribbean region.

We had a total of 150 distinguished participants, including ambassadors for peace, WFWP women leaders, Youth and Students leaders, universities professors and leader from civil society, who gathered in a very peaceful atmosphere and harmony.

The program began with a prayer by Minister Teodulo Silfa Casso, followed by the welcoming remarks by honorable senator Amarilis Santana, who became the president of IAPP-Dominican Chapter. She expressed her honor to be the first woman to give a Dominican Recognition directly to True Mother at the World Summit Conference in February 2015. And from that time on, she determined to work for world peace without hesitations base on the incredible example showed by mother Moon.

Rev. Sang Suek Kim, regional director of UPF, spoke to participants, empathizing the roll of IAPP in our region and our determination to open IAPP chapters in each countries building a bridge of communications and understandings between parliamentarians in each countries of our region.

After a video presentation about launching of IAPP in Nepal, Dr. Yang, the secretary general of UPF international, gave the main speech enlighten the achievements of IAPP in the different continents around the world and the founding propose from Dr. Moon toward its vision to build a world of lasting peace and harmony.

Honorable Jose Alberto Alfaro, former president and current member of National Assembly of Costa Rica, congratulated everyone and showed his great joy of being a member of IAPP, through which he could embrace and meet many colleges parliamentarians since he participated in the launching of official launching of Korea Chapter in 2015. He encouraged parliamentarians in audience to see the great potential of this institution toward building a world of lasting peace, while facing the dangers in our world today, scary situations in different countries involving in conflicts such as north and south Korea, and as we move on we see it is indeed very urgent to work together for promoting peace and harmony amount nations beyond boundaries, races and religious belief.

Mr. Cesar Regalado, Secretary General of UPF Dominican Republic gave a presentation about the core principles of IAPP, explaining about the local activities which began with the two resolutions given by both chamber in recognition to UPF’s works toward World Peace, followed by the Launching of Dominican Religious Leadership Conference (CDLR) held last January 13th in la Romana with 350 distinguished guests, Pure Love Rally done in several cities. Must important points of his presentation was to define how to follow universal principles to achieve our clear goal to build a world lasting peace. He also explained about the great contribution of Father Moon for the World Peace through his blessing ceremonies held around the world making bridges of love between enemy nations, races, ethnics, cultures and religious.

Ceremony of Appointments for board members of local chapter of IAPP, was guided by Dr. Yang, Rev. Kim and Hon. Jose Alberto Alfaro.

All the board members pledged and signed the Resolutions of determination to work and follows all the issues printed in the resolution panel going beyond their political parties and philosophies

A certificate of AFP was given to Hon. Lucia Alba, who expressed gratitude to become member of this newly inaugurated of IAPP in our nation. He firmly accepted the challenge to join IAPP. He said that he is determined to pursue such huge goal for creating a lasting peace.

Two beautiful songs performed by singer Denitza Gonzales talking about the desire for world peace, touching the hearts of all participants. These two memorable songs brought a deep smile and joy to everyone at the event.

At the end of event we had snack time for everybody, and the protocol department of senate headed by a delegation of three congressmen, gave a tour through the senate building to the international delegation. And after that we had a special dinner in congress club, were 10 congressmen and congresswomen shared their positive reflections about the event.

Hon. Rafael Mendez said: “As journalist, I wrote many articles in many newspapers and published books about peace, but I realized those written were just inspirations, the real peace I came to know was when I joined UPF and international Leadership conference in different occasions. I think we should challenge our limitations and follow IAPP principles learned through today’s event”

Hon. Yojanny Mercedes Guzman said: “I had experiences to work for peace, because I welcomed many young volunteers in my own house, through which I came to believe in the strong power of the families. So I realized that family is the most important foundation to build peace amount us. This is my real pleasure to be with you and participate at this event. Because now I came to realize the true meaning of peace as you had given me more power and different tools for me to work for peace. I make my strong commitment to work with you in every effort toward building a world of lasting peace through the family”

Hon. Ana Mercedes Rodriguez asked a questions to Dr. Yang: what is our mission from now on. What do you expect us to do from today on? Dr. Yang let Hon. Jose Alfaro answer and later on himself explained saying that we should work together through education, as we need to implement a better education system toward a Character Education for all citizens in this nation.


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