Inauguration of IAPP Costa Rica


Prepared by UPF Costa Rica

International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace has been launched in Costa Rica, on July 8, 2017 at the Hotel Radisson. It was a National Level Event which took place in San José, Costa Rica with a theme “Let´s Make Peace and Our Responsibility as leaders in establishing a lasting peace. The Role of Parliamentarians”. We had over 189 participants from across the country including parliamentarians from the national assembly, Ambassador for Peace, Civil Society Leaders, University Students as well CARP Leaders in attendance.

The event focused on the role of parliamentarians and our responsibilities as a Leaders in establishing a lasting peace. The program was coordinated by Mr. Eliécer Araya, Regional Secretary General of UPF Central America and the Caribbean Region. The event began with general recognition and introduction of some participants from across the country.

Ing. Gerardo Brenes, President of UPF Costa Rica, gave the welcoming remarks to all the keynote speakers and special guests.

Rev. Sang Suek Kim, regional director of UPF, had the greetings words empathizing the roll of IAPP in our regions and our determination to establish IAPP in each country, building a bridge of communication and understandings between parliamentarians in every corner of our region.

The first session to address the theme – “The Role of Parliamentarians and the Sustainable Peace” began with a presentation from Hon. José Alfaro Jiménez, member of congress of Costa Rica and the Chair for IAPP for Central America and the Caribbean Region. He reaffirms the importance of the UPF vision and mission in Costa Rica, the role of leaders and the importance of family unity, especially in raising children.

Hon. Juan Luis Jimenez, a member of congress of Costa Rica, talked about the role of the political leaders and all leaders of the nations, he said “I consider from my perspective that they should leave pride and personal positions to seek the benefit of the neediest. Because Peace is a state where all human beings coexist in harmony.”

Hon. Paulina Ramirez Portuguez, member of congress, said “for our historical, cultural and political development, women has built peace daily from our homes, work places and in any other location they are in. Since the first years of human life we have cultivated the essence of peace, which is why I am convinced of the Hon. Lorelly Trejos Salas, member of congress, who said “As for the third perspective – personal peace – and I dare say that it is the most important of all. I believe that as long as human being is at peace with him/herself, he/she will be at peace with those around him/her. As long as we have social relations built based on mutual respect, tolerance and inclusion, our countries will be a better place to live and, consequently, the rest of the planet as well. She emphasized on the importance of getting more involved in public affairs.

All the congressman and congresswoman who participated as the members of the IAPP Committee of Costa Rica signed a resolution and the declaration of the inauguration of IAPP. Also, during the event, we had some congressman and congresswoman who were appointed as new Ambassadors for Peace and members of IAPP Costa Rica Committee.


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