Housewarming Ceremony for UPF-Taiwan

Prepared by UPF Taiwan

UPF-Taiwan has moved to a new location, the Peace Embassy office, at the Greater China Region Headquarter Building. This new office will be the Peace Embassy for the Greater China Region.

About 50 Ambassadors for Peace being invited to the Housewarming Ceremony held on June 24, 2017. Dr. Po Ya Chang, President, Control Yuan ROC, came very early with very delight spirit. And she also gave a special gift, a wood sculpture with True Parents word “Love Heaven, Love Humanity and Love Nation” written on the Taiwan map. It is really significant for UPF-Taiwan to receive her special gift in this occasion as UPF-Taiwan need to extend the portion of responsibility covering the cross-strait region.

Mr. Kwag Sung-shin, Assistant Representative, South Korean Representative Office in Taipei, also came to celebrate with us representing Father’s nation. Dr. Chang King-yuh, Former Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council, the Executive Yuan, also gave his special remarks on the mission expectancy of UPF toward Greater China Region.

Venerable Master Ching Yao, President, Taiwan Conference on Religion and Peace, whe is also the President of the New Taipei City Buddhist Association came to give us his blessing. Mr. Lee, Ker-shung, Regional President of Greater China Region, welcomed everyone. He explained about the vision of True Mother for establishing the Greater China Region, they gained better idea on the role of UPF to work for peace in this region. He also conveyed True Mother’s three basic directions and goals; creating new environment for peace, generating diversity platforms for peace and training youth leadership to live for the sake of world peace.

A good lunch was served at the restaurant, and our brothers and sisters who came to support have set a high standard of hospitality throughout the entire event.

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