France: Guidance for Members on Individual Growth and Development


By Jean Francois Moulinet, FFWPU France

Hilde Wiemann, a member and professional counsellor living in the United States, felt a calling to use her 25 years of experience to help our blessed families. As she has a good friend in France she decided to begin by coming here.

She feels that too many of our members still face many blockages and barriers that have been built up and reinforced since their youth. If we do not take time to deal with these blockages and barriers, we will continue to be trapped by our self-created limitations.

In her first seminar on Saturday (July 1, 2017) she guided the participants to reflect on their past as a means to recognize some of the experiences that reinforced those barriers. She also took time to show us an easy to implement communication exercise to learn to express feelings that can be applied in couples, families and even other situations.

The seminar on Sunday (July 2, 2017) had the same content as on Saturday. The goal was to give as many members as possible that opportunity to participate in one of the two seminars.

The Sunday group was able to open up more and express their situations and difficulties. Based on that sharing, Hilde organized role playing in which she showed how reflective listening can help in communicating with an angry child or in communicating with a spouse whose demands are difficult to accept.

Most participants left the seminars feeling hopeful and positive. Of course, the real challenge begins as we go back to our daily life and we need to apply these exercises and techniques with our loved ones.

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