Finland: First and Second Generation Harmony Workshop


By Roswitha Hynninen, FFWPU Finland

On the 2nd weekend of July (July 7 to 9, 2017) we organized a ”1st-2nd Generation Harmony workshop” outside of Helsinki in the beautiful nature near a lake.

The program focused on enhancing and improving the relationship between parents and blessed children. In the spirit of honesty and openness both could gain new insights of one another’s viewpoint, feelings and heart. Outside activities like boating, fishing, swimming and playing games brought fun and bonding experiences. Free from daily duties in school or work we could enjoy each other’s company and meditate in the midst of the serene nature that our Heavenly Parent made for us.

We heard some testimonies from our children and their experiences of growing up in a blessed family, how important it has been for them to find same age friends in our community and how the international programs for 2nd gen helped them to realize, that they are part of an already global wide community.

In the “sharing gratitude” practice old and young, sitting in a circle, could freely express and address their feeling of gratitude in words and eye contact with each other in front of everyone present. It felt a bit odd to do that at first, but after all it is a so much better direction to go then complaining, which too often is a common trend and habit in the world.

So, besides the three meals we enjoyed daily, I believe, everyone could take home some food for thought and heart from that weekend. I think one facet of building heavenly society is, to set time aside to share, reflect, look towards our vision and enjoy solidarity with brothers and sisters, who love God and True Parents.



Gloria, 2nd generation: Thank you for organizing this 1st & 2nd gen. workshop. I would wish for more similar workshops and maybe more participants from both generations. First and 2nd gen don´t get to spend time together, it sometimes feels like we live in a slightly different world and we don´t connect enough. In my opinion, I think it would be great and beautiful experience to have more activities, eg. workshops, sports etc. that involve both 1st & 2nd generations. There´s a lot we could learn from each other and appreciate. I feel & think that we don´t connect & understand each other, 2nd gens not understanding and judging 1st gens and vice versa because we don’t share enough & so many things stay unspoken / unsaid that really some of us would appreciate and learn from. I think if we knew each other.


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