Europe: Third Meeting of the Stuttgart Group on the Family Curriculum


By Jacques Marion, FFWPU Europe

The group of members in charge of preparing the lecture series addressing the crisis of the family in Europe met for the third time in Camberg, Germany, on July 1-2, in the presence of European Regional President Jack Corley.

The team members from Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic have been working since last December on developing six lectures reviewing the promises and reality of the socio-cultural “revolutions” affecting family values in Europe, as well as the current policy making on marriage and family in the UN, the EU and other world level institutions; the lectures also outline fundamental aspects of True Parents’ teachings on the family as a school of love, the ethics of conjugal love and sexuality, family ethics as the basis for social ethics and the Blessing movement.

For this third meeting, a few new participants contributed to the discussion, including second generation representatives, from Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria.

The overall objectives and methods of the project were reviewed and each presentation plan discussed anew, to speed the process and bring about a usable outcome in the near future.

Some consultations are planned with close Peace Ambassadors to produce an effective lecturing tool.

Expecting that this educational project will be of great support for both FFWPU and outreach activities in Europe, we hope to lay the foundation for a work that will eventually expand in scope and depth and be able to convey True Parents’ teaching in a powerful and effective way.

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