Czech Republic: HARP Summer Camp


By Martine Masner, FFWPU Czech Republic

We are very excited to announce that we successfully held the biggest Summer HARP Workshop in Czech Republic from July 1, to 8, 2017 with 50 participants coming from Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and Iceland. Many of these participants were sons and daughters of Czech people blessed with other members from those countries.

Through this year of 2017 we encouraged some of the elder blessed children to start taking ownership and some responsibilities which made the workshop work smoothly and gave them a valuable experience for the future.

On this workshop, we discussed about the 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues to oppose the sins, we talked about purity with one day of Brothers and Sisters and we had lectures about creation and science, 7 habits of successful teenagers and character education.

Every day, there was lots of sports, and one day was the Challenge Day with a mystery parkours (everybody came back safely).

One evening, there was also a special brothers’ meeting and sisters’ meeting, in which the youth could deeply share, what was in their hearts.

On the last evening, there was graduation, and each team offered a performance or skit to the audience.

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