Cote d’Ivoire: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


By Brou Konan Jean Marie FFWPU Cote d’Ivoire

Rev. Zozo Gabriel went to his tribe to begin his heavenly tribal messiahship. He met with the various village authorities, namely the chiefs, organizers, presidents of associations and religious leaders, to present the Vision of True Parents, which is to build one family under God. For a good start he decided to make a great conference bringing together all the layers to carry the message. With the support of Rev. Gabriel Likane Tribal Messiah of Zoboua and Pastor Gnenefe Patrice Tribal Messiah of Korea 1 and 2 they made mobilization and held a large conference to launch the education programs in the village.

The conference mobilized 119 people including the Chief of the Village of Digbapia, 1 prophetess, the President of the Women’s Association of Upper Sassandra, the President of the Youth of Digbapia and his office, 12 churches (UEESO, Baptiste, Baptiste and Mission, International Revival Church, Spoken Word, Catholic Church, Hori Faya …), 6 women’s associations from Dipgbapia.

Rev. Likane Gabriel, former National Leader, explained in his lecture the importance of the family in achieving a world of peace and harmony. He urged all participants to place special emphasis on the renewal of our families if we wish to establish the ideal of our Heavenly Parent on earth.

Specifically, it was a matter of appealing to those responsible for future collaboration in activities aimed at strengthening the family unit as well as local development.

All the participants appreciated the development explained by of Rev Likane on the renewal of families. All of them said they wish to renew their own families.

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