Cote d’Ivoire: 7-Day Divine Principle Seminars


By Brou Konan Jean Marie, FFWPU Cote d’Ivoire

July 2nd:

Sunday, July 2, 2017 marked the end of the special 7-day seminar for 63 participants from all the provinces in Cote d’Ivoire, at the presence of the Regional President Rev. Dr Cho..

The lectures during thiese 7-day were given by Pastor Gahe Henry, Papa Maubert, Pastor Didie Yessotier and Professor Kouakou Arsène. It was a chance for members and the new comers to have a better understabding of Divine Principle and and how to practice it in our daily life.

Through the lectures participants had a better understanding of True family values as the school of love. And only through blessing ceremonies centering on True Parents, our today’s world would be restored. It is therefore important to form true families to heal the world.

There was during this seminar, Four subgroups were formed and each evening, the participants in each subgroup meet to discuss and pray at each break, in order to reinforce their knowledge of the divine principle.


Participants said, they were touched by the content of the Divine Principle. They said, we have just discovered the true path. The path that can bring us light. We now have our eyes open. We want to thank True Parents and we promise to take part in the next blessing of September 2017.

June 18th:


We had our third 7-day Divine Principle seminar from June 12  to June 18th 2017 in Diegonefla, city located 266 kilometers from Abidjan.

There were 10 participants at this seminar, including 2 sisters and 8 brothers. The training was provided by Professor Kacou Arsene.

The main objective of the seminar was to present to give a better understanding of the Truth, the True Parents’ teaching to people and prepare them for the 21-day workshop.


Participants were all happy to meet the True Parents’ path. One participants said: “I am convinced that I have met the Messiah and attests that the Reverend Moon is the Messiah and there is not another who must come in the clouds as it is written in the Bible. “

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