CARP Catch Up: End of Exams Dinner!


London, United Kingdom, 2. June 2017

By Jeung-sun Shongwe CARP UK Director

It was a fantastic, light-hearted and fun atmosphere we made together at this event. Although many young people could not attend this due to ongoing exams, work or other reasons, 34 attendees were present, including 5 new CARP members from Queen Mary’s university.

I started off the evening by introducing myself and allowing ourselves to greet each other, taking a minute to congratulate everyone for successfully enduring (some would say) this academic year. We then ate a very satisfactory buffet meal prepared by the Japanese volunteers to the UK and the CARP committee. Finally, we enjoyed each other’s company with a few very engaging games of parliament, splat and group rock, paper, scissors featuring top-notch prizes!

I heard from some of the guests that they were very grateful to have been invited to this CARP event and loved the atmosphere we created. When the evening ended it took an unusually long amount of time for everyone to leave the building and say our farewells, which says a lot about the bonds of friendship we created throughout the past one and a half years. Additionally, to see new friendships and connections being made on the day was inspiring, too.

To just hear the kind words of our dear guests, sharing their appreciation was very heartwarming. The purpose of this event was to celebrate each other and our success in ending our exams. To bring each other together with our shared interest in the Divine Principle and aspirations to become true role models in society at the very centre of our hearts. As a current graduate of university it was uplifting to celebrate our graduation with my fellow carp members. It was truly a lovely time spent with friends. I wish you all the best with the next step in your career, work and grades. Also, I wish all graduates the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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