Cameroon: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


By Nchia Kamran, FFWPU Cameroon

A 3-day workshop for Heavenly Tribal Messiah candidates was held from the 22nd to the 24th of June 2017 at the national headquarters of the FFWPU Cameroon.  There were 10 families who participated in this workshop.

This workshop was held to launch the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy in Cameroon which has been chosen as the sub-regional headquarters for tribal messiah activities in the sub-region constituting 12 nations. The participants were those who after general assembly on the 17th June 2017, decided to respond to the call to sacrifice everything for the period of 90 days in order to lay the foundation for Heavenly Tribal Messiah victory in Cameroon during which each couple is expected to mobilize and bless 36 couples.

The training session began with a presentation from the national president, Rev. Edwin Plekhanov who was recently appointed as the sub-regional director for heavenly tribal messiah ship in the west-central African sub region. The theme of his presentation was “how to achieve the goal of 12 successful heavenly tribal messiahs by foundation day 2018 in Cameroon”. In the presentation he shared a testimony of his experience in Zambia which gave him a new consciousness of the vision of True Mother concerning Tribal Messiah activities. He emphasized on the key secret to the Zambian success which he said was “Pure sacrifice”, explaining that without some people sacrificing everything to engage in this work, it will not be accomplished. He also said the spiritual atmosphere he felt in Zambia was like what he felt when he first joined the unification movement and that the holy spirit is present in Zambia due to the victory of Tribal Messiahs.

In his presentation he explained that we first needed to determine ourselves to sacrifice everything without looking back. Secondly, we need to establish the foundation of the word. He explained that we must set the words of True parents as the final authority in all our dealings. We need to format our thoughts and understanding with the words of True Parents. Next we needed to answer the <<W>> questions (who should engage, why must we engage, when must we start, what must we do and where should we go).  These questions were answered progressively throughout the workshop beginning with the first question. Next he explained the importance of finding a John the Baptist figure with reference to the Zambian model. He also stressed the importance of team work, follow up of couples after blessing them and the procedure to bring people to the blessing and all the requirements we need to prepare, including the different responsibilities to be covered during a blessing event. Through an interactive discussion session, we all came out with a blessing check list which would serve as a reference wherever we shall hold the blessing.

Next, we identified potential tribal messiah areas within the nation. 8 areas were proposed from which 3 were finally selected after deliberations based on certain criteria which we used in evaluating the potential for the tribal messiah areas. These included; the number of potential Heavenly tribal messiahs in an area, the number of potential john the Baptist figures, the environmental potential for follow up after blessing, the possibility of expansion in the area, the potential spiritual foundation in the area. The 3 areas unanimously chosen after deliberations were; the villages of Bafut and Magba and the town of Bafoussam.

Towards the end of the workshop, three teams were constituted who shall be dispatched to the identified areas. In order to establish the foundation for the word, a spiritual condition was undertaken consisting of a chained up reading of all the 16 chapters of the Divine Principle during a period of 24 hours which we did on the 23rd of June 2017. After this we began another condition which consisted of reading the family pledge 40 times each day from the 24th of June 2017 throughout the 90 days of mobilization. The purpose is to embody the word and restore the nation. Next, team leaders were decided for each team. After assembling together the necessary working materials, we all gathered to offer ourselves to heaven. Rev. Edwin offered a prayer which was followed by a unison prayer. After that, he charged up the spirit of the 10 couples who were ready to go and then we shouted 4 cheers of “eok mansei”. Each team then embarked on the journey to their respective mission areas.

After the working session, all participants were filled with a new spirit of confidence and determination to bring results during these 90 days.

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