Cameroon: 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop for the Second Generations


By Bekuike Jonalus, FFWPU Cameroon

There was an announcement by president of FFWPU Cameroon Edwin Plekhanov early this year, that there will be three important workshops for second generation of ages 05—12 , 13—15 ,and 16 above which will take place in the summer break under the common theme: “I resemble Heavenly Parent and True Parents”.

This time, from July 2 to 8, 2017, we had a 7-day workshop for second generation, age 5 to 12 at our FFWPU headquarter in Yaounde. The opening ceremony was done at the present of the pastor of Yaounde, Madam Tongwa Un—Ha Nadege Asong Gaho a second Gen Bless to Cote d’Ivoire, appointed specially by the National Pastor to direct and supervise the workshop, Mr. Bekuike Jonalus, Madam Ngando and Madam Van Iersel Racheal as education staff. We had 32 particiapnts including 9 children from the Littoral, 17 from the center area, 4 from the South West and 2 from the North West regions.

Our National Pastor, Edwin Plekhanov explained the rules and regulations of the workshop to the children which they repeated after him each rule. He then continued to give children some guidance to make them feel free and friendly to all their tutors but also to ensure that their stay be very useful. We later noticed that his direct involvement in the workshop shows how much importance he attached to children’s education.

The education staff divided the children into two groups (5 to 8 years old in one team, and from 9 to 12 years old in another team). Lectures then started on the following day.

On Saturday 7th the participant was taken to the nearest attraction park this was the first time for most of them. Basically children’s program include: lectures of some chapters of the Divine Principle, games, self-expression, and short trip nearby, performing song and dance. This time, they had a  performing team under the name  HakJa Art group.

During the workshop, everyday, we collected participants’ reflections and read them for a better understanding of the state of the children and workshop progress. One particular and very moving reflection was from a young boy after the lectures on the brief biography of our True Father. This little boy approached the lecturer and said he really like to resemble True Father in his suffering life for the sake of others. Many other reflections expressed just their gratitude for the new enlightenment from the Principle and True Parents’ teachings.

On Sunday July 9, the HakJa Art Group expressed themselves with their beautiful performances. They moved their parents with their songs and Cameroonian traditional dances which covered the story of Divine Principle in 5 minutes in an entertainment atmosphere never seen before.

At the end, Mr. Bekuike Jonalus, the main education staff gave a brief report of the workshop and concluded the program by handing over the certificates to all the particiapnts.


  • Seiwa 9 years old said he will prefer workshop every month.
  • JinJoo Edwin 10 years said she never knew she have many brothers and sister to interact with.
  • Dogobert 8 years old said he will like to meet True Mother quickly before many of his brothers and sisters, that is why he will work hard to pass all his exams.

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