Albania:15-Day Divine Principle Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

The Power of the Culture of Heart” was the title of the 15- days Workshop which was held from July 10 to 25, 2017 with the topic “Sincere Heart, Loving Families and a Peaceful World” in Mullet, Tirana.

First week of the workshop we studied Divine Principle and had Family (We call the teams Families) and clan (we had 2 clans with 4 families each) meetings to reflect on the teachings of the day and at the end of the day we gathered as a tribe (all families and clans) for question and answers and to reflect and put goals and offer the day to Heavenly Parent.

Second week we studied True Parents life and legacy and had practical activities to understand and inherit their heart, like holding each other on the back, watching the musical of mission butterfly, listening testimonies from prominent people of Albania about True Parents like the President of Albania Hon. Alfred Moisiu (2002- 2007), and Ambassadors for Peace.

Lectures on life of faith, Cheon Il Guk Providence, Meaning and value of Blessing and how to prepare our heart in a best way, studding True Parents words, vision 2020, special strategic country, were given by Special Envoy Rev. Shin and other elder brothers and sisters.

During the workshop, we had candle night prayer and repentance and determination night. We organized games, sports festival, culture festival, camp fire, Divine principle Tests, lecture contest on Divine principle lectures, brothers time and sisters time, angel game, one-day Fundraising, swimming pool ect…

Most of the participants were witnessed during the year and it was their first 15 days Workshop.

Because of the workshop many of the participants are so inspired to travel 36 hours by bus for the Berlin for the 30th Anniversary of the Berlin Rally. Also, most of them decided to be part of a 40 days mobilization which will be hold during August and beginning part of September where participants are ready to go in each center of FFWPU to experience the life of the early years in our movement, they will do witnessing, fundraising, studding DP lectures, DP lecture practice and giving them to new guests, prayer etc.

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