Albania: Family Festival & Cosmic Blessing Ceremony 2017


By Martine Masner

On the afternoon of June 9, 2017, we organized “Family Festival and Cosmic Blessing Ceremony” in Durrës – Albania.

Praying for our city’s yearly goals, within 2017 we want to give Blessing to 120 couples, and knowing that Special Emissaries of True Parents, Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon, European Continental Director Rev. Jack Corley, together with 20 European regional leaders will come in Durrës, we decided to have this ceremony for second time in our city.

The activity, leaded by Mr. Mateo Ziko & Mrs. Majlinda Ziko MCs, started with performances from young people from all around the world. Then Rev. Jack Corley, chairman of European FFWPU & UPF, gave the opening remarks, followed by Mr. Dieter Schmidt’s message, chairman of FFWPU & UPF Germany. They expressed their deep gratitude to Albanian people for the importance they give to family and congratulated the participants for becoming part of such a great event.

We are very happy that the Marriage Blessing Ceremony was officiated by Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon. 200 people participated in the event, and 37 couples received Blessing. Newly Blessed couples also received Fathers’ autobiography so that they can get to know True Parents better. We are very grateful to all brothers and sisters who worked hard to make this a successful ceremony for our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents.

The ceremony ended with closing remarks and with 4 cheers Ok Mansei (glory for 10 billion years)

All couples and participants had positive reactions and expressed their gratitude for being part in an event of this kind. We are grateful and proud for this activity; in the same time we are inspired to make another ceremony within this year.

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