USA: Workshop Strengthens Inter-Generational Relationships


by Rev. Andrew Compton, FFWPU USA

The 19th 7-Day Divine Principle seminar at IPEC was another incredible and, as always, unique experience. We had twelve participants, including Gregg Smith, a longtime Unificationist; Edner and Juanita Pierre Louis, District Pastor of FFWPU New York and WFWP-USA Vice-President; along with two other elder Blessed first-generation Unificationists and seven young Unificationists.

It was a great joy to watch them emerge with great testimonies and a wonderful experience, from the relationships they created with their brothers and sisters and through the study of the Divine Principle. At the end of the seminar, I believe that everyone discovered a deeper sense of relationship with our Heavenly Parent and a deeper sense of gratitude toward our True Parents.

Here are some of their reflections:

  • I’m grateful that I could come to this workshop. I haven’t been to one in years. It was truly a blessing to me. I gained a better understanding of the Word and especially True Parents’ course. Reading on my own is not always clear until I can actually see a diagram and then the light goes on! It’s very comfortable and Rev. Compton is so patient. I really appreciate that. It’s good to know I can say or ask something and not be judged on it.–Carmen Kimura
  • Coming to a Divine Principle seminar has never spurred an interest within me. It is not something that makes me excited and want to go. Therefore, I came in with no expectations and the feeling that I would not gain anything anyways. However, this was a huge mistake. I have never been taught the Divine Principle in the same way as Reverend Compton teaches. He simplifies and explains every detail so that anyone could grasp the idea. This really made me want to actually listen with an open heart and mind. I gained so much knowledge and understanding of the Divine Principle. Of course I am still ways off from completely understanding it but compared to what I knew before the seven-day seminar, it is a huge difference. Many of my negative views stemmed from the fact that I could not comprehend many of the things we do and why, but I believe some of my questions have been answered and I am very appreciative of that.– Taioh Kubota
  • It was a really wonderful experience, lots of fun, lots of God’s love, lots of learning. Thank you to everyone to make this seminar possible. I will recommend it to several people. My experience was very good. I enjoyed the lectures, and I gained more knowledge of the Divine Principle. I purchased a new Divine Principle book, and gained new relationships with brothers and sisters. I have a long list of Unificationists and friends who I will invite.–Michael Tully
  • I must say, this workshop was very successful. The level of communication between the first- and second-generation Unificationists set a precedent for the workshops to come at this place. Rev. and Mrs. Compton and staff set up a warm and inviting atmosphere that was truly in line with our True Parents. The level of sincerity I felt from all the participants, especially the youth, warmed my heart and as a mother lifted my level of expectation and hope for all our children. I really want to help more Unificationists come and experience the Divine Principle in action as they study, share, and discuss. The Divine Principle comes alive when you see young and old have experiences of God’s love together. –Juanita Pierre-Louis
  • During the past seven days I’ve had a wonderful experience, receiving deep insights in the Divine Principle. I especially appreciated Rev. Compton’s emphasis on what it’s really all about – unity with the heart of God. –Edner Pierre-Louis
  • My experience in this workshop was very good. I’d like to think that I gained a bunch of new friends and a new understanding and perspective of the Divine Principle.– Hikaru Funakoshi
  • I gained a lot more knowledge about the Divine Principle than I ever thought I would. Even though I still don’t understand a lot about it and the course of the Providence, I can definitely say thank you to God and True Parents for all that they’ve done and continue to do.– Masaya Funakoshi
  • My experience here at IPEC during this seven-day Divine Principle seminar was truly uplifting. Being away from everyday life and to just give your entirety in learning God’s Word was something I needed. Hearing testimonies was super inspirational. I think these kind of relationships that sincerely support the next generation is incredible. Throughout my time here I was able to reconfirm what I want, what I need to work on and keep on doing the best I can to influence others around me through God’s heart. – Goush Kubota

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