USA: Unificationists Kick Off the Fishing Season


by Mike Giampaoli

Fresh off the experience with the Peace King Cup on New York Bay, six marine enthusiasts in Bridgeport, CT devoted a day to the joy and peacefulness of fishing on June 7, 2017.

Opening the Long Island Sound fishing season with this venture, we found a high spirit at sea, as we were rejuvenated through True Father’s legacy. (We fondly recall the day True Father roared into Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport to fish.)

Bridgeport has a varied and unique crew of educators, marine biologists, artists and designers, sushi chefs, boat captains, Ocean Challenge alumni, an Aquaculture high school, students and other resources with a keen interest in stewardship activities on the Long Island Sound.

Grey skies and chilly winds greeted us in the morning. On the full tide, the fishing action was abundant as each fisherman landed striped bass, bluefish, and black sea bass. Joe Giampaoli, exhausted from 20 minutes of reeling, finally landed a 41-inch, 29-pound striped bass. Thanks to Konrad Hauer, Tomoyuki Kuramoto, TJ Sallah, Elijah Whitmore and Joe Giampaoli for a memorable beginning to the fishing season.

Keep up with for more on the fishing season, including the upcoming Bluefish Tournament in August!

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