USA: Students End Semester with Divine Principle Study


 Prepared by FFWPU USA

The Las Vegas chapter of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) held a seven-day, end-of-semester Divine Principle workshop from May 15 to May 22, 2017 that was filled with True Parents’ heart and energy.

CARP end-of-semester workshops give those who are curious about Unificationist theology the opportunity to study the entire Divine Principle and learn about True Parents’ life course, while encouraging them to pursue a Principle-centered lifestyle.

“Find the Purpose, Change Your Life” was the theme of the workshop, which was held at the Cheon Hwa Gung, True Parents’ residence in Las Vegas. It marked the fifth end-of-semester DP workshop that CARP Las Vegas organized.

Presentations given by Dr. Michael Hentrich, the DP lecturer and author of The Divine Principle Study Bible for Truth Seekers, moved the hearts of the participants. Among the participants there were three new visitors who were attending the seven-day workshop for the first time, and two returning visitors who have previously been exposed to the Divine Principle. In addition, six participants of Generation Peace Academy (GPA) as well as two other Unificationist young adults flew in to rediscover the Divine Principle.

CARP Las Vegas core members took loving yet powerful leadership roles in caring for a wide variety of visitors. They organized activities that were fun but also thought-provoking, helping the guests to reflect deeply about their lives.

The main objective of this workshop was to educate the participants about the importance of True Parents in contemporary society. After the lectures on the course of Jesus, a special activity was organized to challenge participants physically and mentally, giving them an opportunity to experience the heart and position of a messianic figure.

On the following day, at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC), they heard a presentation on True Parents’ life course. They also received guidance on prayer and reflection activity inside True Parents’ residence in the room where True Parents held hoon dok hwe (the daily study of scripture).

At the end of the seven days, many participants testified that they felt God had guided them to be at the workshop. Currently one new visitor and two returning visitors have started the summer 40-day training program together with CARP members. The training will culminate with a pilgrimage and training across the United States, ending in New York, where the participants will attend True Parents’ speech at Madison Square Garden.


  • “After experiencing this workshop, I want to be truly happy. I want to be a father whom my son or daughter will see as kind-hearted, selfless and loving. I want to love my wife as my other half. I want God to be in me, so that He can experience the joy I feel every day. I need to be open-minded, hold back my impulses, and surround myself with people who do not negatively impact me.”
  • “I see life as something meant to be experienced and shared with God. It is meant to be absolute happiness as we achieve the blessings and live for the sake of others. The reflection and lectures shaped my view and action. I found happiness in serving others, and I seek the eternal joy of a family. After this workshop, I want to have an unchanging conviction to grow and do right from God’s perspective. I need to overcome my tendency to interpret things in the way that is most useful and easy for me. I must become someone who can and wants to act by seeing from God’s perspective.”
  • “To me the concept of God is that He experiences everything with us, no matter how much we may run away from Him. He is always waiting for us to return. Even though He already has experienced so much sorrow from the Fall, He still believes in us. I especially felt this through the give-and-receive hugging activity, thinking about how much pain each person must have gone through and what I made God go through. It made me realize that I have to change and return to Him. After the workshop, I have a greater desire to bring joy to other people. Thinking not just how I am feeling but also how others are feeling.”

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