USA: Ocean Summit for the Mid-Atlantic


Prepared by Ocean Church USA

Ocean Church held a 1-Day Ocean Summit for the Mid-Atlantic Area, near Washington, DC on June 10, 2017. Blessed Families and friends of the Chesapeake Bay, including those of the 2nd and 3rd generations, gathered to hear the history of the Ocean Providence which started in Korea, with the launching of the Cheon Seung Ho, (Boat of Heavenly Victory) on June 26, 1963. We also had some participants who joined us through video conferencing from Montana and Kodiak, AK.

Captain Kensaku Takahashi, director of Ocean Church, encouraged everyone to practice the Divine Principle in their daily life. He explained that True Parents always said  that the true Ocean spirit is when God calls you, you go out no matter what. Be Prepared properly, don’t go recklessly, but you must go and you must fulfill your responsibility.”

Participants then went out on the newly named “Bay Hope”, a 28 foot Good Go, which is one of the boats True Parents designed for the Hobby Industry. This boat is now docked on the Chesapeake Bay and used for witnessing and educational programs and fishing.

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