USA: CARP 40-Day Actionizing

Prepared by CARP Las Vegas

On May 28th, CARP Las Vegas began their 40 Day Summer Actionizing trip. They already finished their first portion of it, today on June 7th! Their theme for the whole trip is: Shining Rays of Hope for America. The intention for this trip was for the participants to receive training through fundraising, internal guidance, lecture practice, Divine Principle lectures, and for them to bring hope to local church communities and revive the spirit of CARP in America. The team consists of 17 participants – 6 new members, and 11 second generation members.

The first ten days consisted of the participants going through a training course of beginner level fundraising in Las Vegas and California, attending the Los Angeles Family Church community, a fun day of enjoying God’s creation in the beautiful ocean of San Diego, and lastly a reflection day in Camp Mozumdar. Through the fundraising training, the participants were encouraged to draw out the essence of their learning experiences so that they can apply it to their own life. One participant, Kobe Neuhaus said, “Fundraising encouraged me to challenge myself on my own initiative to be the person I want to be for God and His children.” Another participant, Jennifer Silerio said, “Fundraising still has its challenges but it has been easier for me to approach people and keep going when I have a clear purpose to fight for God.” Through the training, each participant began to see how God is helping to mold them to become the person who they truly desire to be.

With all the lessons and experiences God gave them, they were able to put it to application even when sailing a boat and viewing the ocean. One participant, Chungbom Katayama said, “I realized how much God loves us by observing the smallest details of Creation, such as the ocean’s ripples.” Finally, visiting Camp Mozumdar in the end truly helped the participants experience True Parents’ love for nature. The participants were able to visit the Holy Ground, where they were able to have time to reflect and meditate for their next part of the trip. Next in their journey, the CARP Las Vegas team will be heading to visit New York to attend the GPA graduation and continue their training in the East Coast!

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