UK: Principles of Living Seminar


By Trevor and Mieko Davies, FFWPU UK

On Saturday 27th May 2017 we held a special one-day seminar as a result of a successful witnessing effort on University campuses. This followed Mrs Hiraki’s visit to the UK last year when she shared how she had built a successful CARP programme in Los Angeles. We were eager to adopt her methods and develop a witnessing programme of our own in London.

Tim Miller gave the lectures which were designed – not simply to convert people to our way of thinking, but to appeal to their original natures by providing a framework of universal principles which would cause them to think more deeply and want to study Principle in more depth. The lectures are designed to appeal to a wide range of people from many different religious backgrounds, even those who are skeptical about religion. The variety of guests who attended and the stimulating discussions we had after the lectures proved to everyone that the most important idea of the day was that we need love. We need to be loved and to love others. If we truly do that, the other problems will sort themselves out. A very positive and hopeful conclusion for our guests.

We started witnessing on two campuses in October last year using Mrs Hiraki’s method and have met many wonderful young people. Some of them became regular guests so we wanted to hold the workshop before the start of the summer holiday when most of the students will go home.

The guests included students of different backgrounds, Christian Ministers, young Unificationists and their parents. In total, around 40 people came. The discussion groups after the lectures were very lively with lots of questions – one student had 10 pages of questions and notes. While some people attended to learn Principle for the first time, others came to learn how to teach Principle with this simpler, broad approach.

After the seminar, we invited everyone to attend a farewell party for the Japanese missionaries. There was delicious food, an interesting mix of home-made Japanese and Indian dishes and then we were treated to a thrilling performance by the WAIT team. To finish, there was a beautiful song and dances from the Japanese missionaries themselves.

Also during the party, the missionaries each shared their deep testimonies of lives spent in service to God and then some of the seminar guests (University students) shared their impressions of the Principle lectures and what they had learnt from the examples of the young dedicated Japanese ladies.

In conclusion, this programme of witnessing will continue as will the seminars. In addition, we will hold coaching sessions for those who would like to learn to teach this content.

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