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By June Darby, FFWPU UK

We held our June meeting for the A.B.C. at Lancaster Gate on June 17, 2017. Altogether there were 21 people in attendance, with 10 Pastors and one late coming Gospel singer, as well as 10 members supporting us. Rev Marshall da Souza was a very dynamic MC, keeping good order and continuity. Evangelist Mary Ayani opened our session with a beautiful and powerful rendering of the Creation hymn that immediately raised the spirits and Betty Moloney-Rodriguez sang Amazing Grace and Make me a Channel of your Peace with a pure, strong voice that touched everyone’s hearts. Pastor Collins Oyolabi accompanied the singers sensitively on the piano, and continued playing in the background to maintain the atmosphere. Pastor Isaac Ayani of Christ Apostolic Church spoke on the topic “Iron Sharpens Iron” Prov 27:17 (Iron sharpens Iron and one man sharpens another), and John O’Neill spoke on Topical Moral Issues.

Pastor Ayani has seeded 4 churches in Britain and 6 churches in Brazil. He explained that he had been a member of the Unification Church in the early 80’s and had travelled to Nigeria and Germany to see how the Family Federation operated in those countries. He said that the Divine Principle enhances the Gospel, and that he teaches it from his pulpit.

He clarified this saying that the Divine Principle was a light for Christianity and that God was looking for us to declare His glory through the Principle. He claimed that something was wrong with the Christian Churches to day when Ministers were more concerned with leading luxurious lives than ministering to the needy. He said a revival was needed, that we need to fulfil our destinies and put differences aside so that we could unite and build God’s Kingdom on earth (Matthew 6:10), and that God had sent the Divine Principle to unite the Christian churches. He asked the Ministers not to judge, but to examine the Divine Principle first. Pastor Ayani is a very dynamic and powerful speaker, with gifts of prophesy, and he had everyone thinking deeply about their purpose.

John O’Neill founded the Morality Forum 10 years ago. It is a quarterly newsletter that highlights current morality topics of concern for the nation. In his talk, he gave us graphic statistics that illustrated the dangers of immoral practices in a horrifying and startling way. Pornography and abortions have drastic effects on people, damaging their mental and emotional health and destroy families, as well as the other ills that we see in society today, like sexual abuse, and knife crimes. He explained how the concerted actions of concerned persons had successfully halted the spread of some immoral practices.

We had some stimulating discussion, followed by refreshments and networking. We are very grateful for the inspiring and thought provoking addresses given by out two speakers. And we give thanks to Noehmi HTodorov for taking the photographs and recording a video of the event. Also we are very grateful to our redoubtable secretary, Anne Kobayashi, for organizing the event, and to Joyce Suda for the delicious refreshments.

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