Switzerland: All Aboard for the Family Boat Trip

By Jeanne Metz, FFAPU Switzerland

On May 14, 2017 a large group of 27 set off from Biel , Switzerland on a boat trip with a difference ! It was a pleasure trip but we also used the time to share about the important topic of « the family », about the UN-established International Day of the Family, celebrated every year on 15th May.

It was good to see such a range of ages among our group – from babies to « more mature » adults.

As we sat on board, four moderators moved around the groups, introducing questions for discussion. The questions are as follows:

  1. How can parents fulfill their essential roles?
  2. What makes a healthy mutual relationship between parents and children?
  3. What makes marriage healthy and stable?
  4. What can the family do to deal with pressure from society?

On arrival at Erlach, we found a perfect grassy place at the side of the lake to gather and a summary of our ideas was given by each moderator. Then we enjoyed a tasty picnic and had a short walk to the nearby village. We boarded the boat again and went a short distance to St Peter’s island. There we visited the room where Jean- Jacques Rousseau, writer and philosopher, had spent some time as a refugee in the 18th century. We walked around the island and talked together in the beautiful peaceful surroundings. Although rain was forecast, we were very lucky to enjoy a comfortable temperature all day.

On the return journey, we enjoyed each other’s company on the boat, before arriving again at Biel and said our farewells. We all agreed it was a wonderful day and we should do again sometime.

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