Spain: Workshop for Families Return to Home


By Bruno Travi, FFWPU Spain

On the 10th and 11th of June in our training center “El Manantial del Corazón” we gathered 19 brothers with a family spirit in the second meeting “Return to the home”.

In this second opportunity and with strengthened bonds of trust we focus on deep and intimate aspects of our lives with a critical and constructive sense, always understanding that to be a community centered in the heart and that has the capacity to embrace others before Challenge and overcome constraints on a personal level.

Luis Carvajal gave the conference “The fear, part of a truth”, we encourage ourselves to challenge and overcome our limits and fears to realize our highest desires.

Daniel Aguirre gave the lectures: “Consequences of Reformation II”; second part of the lecture cycle of the previous course. We have seen the transformations in the History of Providence that have prepared the world for the coming of the Messiah, and the specific cultural elements that have originated this transformation.

Cultural repercussions

We analyses in a concrete way the changes made and the sociological and psychological strengths that emerged from the cultural changes previously observed, and their effective impact on society.

The change

We have seen how some human groups and societies have applied all of the above in a substantial way, reviewing concrete examples of countries that have managed to implement positive strategies and the possibilities of effective adaptation to different idiosyncrasies, with special attention to the Latin American.

Luisa Lozano gave the lecture Emotions and typologies, in which we knew the purpose and function of each emotion, we learned that their management is different according to the typology of each one and the importance to have harmony in the relationships with others.

We participated in two conversations; The will of God and my will, Compensation and Restoration vs.

Difficulty and suffering in which we share experiences to reach a real point of intersection between what we believe and what we have experienced to mature our faith.



Pilar Montalván: “It has been a fabulous encounter, very deep and fun as well. We always learn new things, they are important for our spiritual growth. In my humble opinion, I must say that God definitively loves us so much that He always gives us opportunities to grow spiritually and to develop ourselves as authentic and pure beings that we were destined to be. Thanks Bruno and Daniel for everything you are doing, to help us continue to grow and be truly happy. The experience has been very enriching and wonderful. Thank you all.

Until the next brothers and sisters. Blessings to all! ”

Ruth Zelada: “The feeling is very beautiful because everyone is open-hearted, we accept without prejudices or conditions, conferences help us to know each other historically as individually to be able to rescue the positive from the negative. Preparing us to serve God’s love. Thank you very much.”

Daniel Aguirre: “Tremendous opportunity again, to be able to bring our hearts closer and to see our emotions and situations, reflected in the heart of our life partners. It is incredible to be able to participate in this common effort in which the firmness of our roots shows us to the abysmal edge of reality and its uncertainties. I thanks to God and all participants, because it is an intimate treasure full of the force that will change the world. God shows himself in ever new and creative ways and this is wonderful, the nourishment of eternal life.”

Luis Carvajal: “First I have to thank for this opportunity. For me it is an honor and privilege. Everything we experience is so different but at the same time so common among all, it is wonderful to discover my own fears and to be able to share them and see that we are all part of them in some way. God gives us a guide and we have to continue it. A thousand graces and millions of blessings “

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