Romania: Friday Open HoonDokHae Discussion – Discovering the Culture of Heart


Prepared by CARP Romania

We are happy for having been able to bring together several different nationalities, races and cultures under one roof. On the 9th of June 2017, CARP center in Bucharest hosted a glorious event about world cultures. Europe met Asia with great enthuziasm and appreciation. We discussed about China, Japan and South Korea, aiming for the lessons of life, behavior and culture that can change our lives for the better. We started from people’s curiosity and we were happy to present at the end about the culture of Heart that True Parents brought for humanity.

The preparations started one week prior to the event and we combined all of our creativity and passion, Romanian CARP members and STF members. We decided to start one hour earlier and create 6 points that could have been visited by the participants:

The Tea Ceremony Area, where they could also discuss about Japanese culture and traditions and learn how to spell their name.

The Self-defence Aikido Area, where one CARP member was teaching the participants about different techniques of protecting themselves without making any enemies.

The third area was about snacks and games and it tried to actually be the fun area from which people would get refreshed and redirected to other activities.

The fourth area was Face-painting, where our guests could get the flag of their favourite country painted on their cheek or hand. Colorful and fun!

The fifth area was a beautiful side of the center, decorated by two of our talented STF members with a Korea/Japanese style drawing. We brought both Kimonos and Hanboks, for people to try them on and take pictures while dressed in these gorgeous traditional clothes.

The sixth area was combining Korean name-writing and calligraphy with learning choreography based on Korean music. It was a place of great energy and much laughter.

After the participants had the time to visit all these points we arranged the chairs in the main room and started our presentation-program. Our beautiful British brother from STF was MC and he created the right atmosphere for this by starting with a small dance.

Everyone tried at least a few moves and it was nice and inspiring to see that people have removed their concepts and shyness and that a family atmosphere was created.

There were three countries presented – China, Japan and Korea. The schedule included a few small video presentations about these countries, photos, traditional customs and life principles – such as filial piety, hard work and respect, and a few songs, one of which was sang by our members.

At the end of the presentation, the Open HDH organizer presented about the Culture of love/Culture of Heart and we all read out loud from Rev Moon’s words: “Incredible change is to appear very soon. The world tomorrow will not be the same as today. An incredibly beautiful world is coming with a full force. Economy and politics and social life will undergo major changes for the benefit of mankind.

For this to happen, humanity must recognize and understand the importance of family relations, and put more efforts for the establishment of such training for the young; to build their character, develop their heart and ability to live for others, and to aim to this ideal to themselves create loving families and become true parents.

Before our eyes this will be done … but not on itself … we must build with common efforts the most beautiful dream of our hearts. We are designed to live in a world of love, harmony, understanding and trust where we could fully unfold our unique potential and talents. This will be the future world.

Corruption and war will disappear, people will realize and value the family, love and sacrifice will be sincere from our hearts and conscience and there will be no selfishness. This will be the world of the Culture of Heart, where conscience of people will develop and no one will even be able to imagine the thought of stealing or hurting others. People will be sensitive and feel naturally empathy to the pain and joy of others.”

The message was very inspiring and it gave the event a more vertical feeling, as we aim not only on bringing experiences of foreign cultures to the young people, but creating in their near environment the possibility of building a new Culture of Heart.

We concluded with a group photo and it took a long time until the last guest decided to leave. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and for all the support that we received from brothers and sisters and the spiritual world.

We hope to have the chance to create this atmosphere again through continuously connecting young people to God. Thank you so much everyone! Have Hope!

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