Romania: Challenges of Life


Prepared by CARP Romania

In the weekly CARP meeting on June 7, 2017, we decided to discuss about Challenges and Victory and focused on improving our ability to understand and overcome difficulty.

It is very important for young people to choose the right attitude in any given circumstances and find the way to cope with everyday challenges. In pairs, we shared about the attitude we should have when facing difficulties and gave personal examples on daily life situations which we could overcome.

We remembered once more that a challenge that we don’t overcome can come back at us even bigger and that history is repeating with the purpose of progress. When faced with a challenging, demanding and uncomfortable situation, we will be the first to focus on overcoming it and learn from it rather than just complain about how things turned out to be.

The bottom line was that challenges are an important part of life and without the ups and downs of life we wouldn’t be able to grow, therefore we need to find gratitude even in difficult situations.

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