Paraguay: Tongil Moo Do – Character Education Seminar


by Master Gustavo Giuliano and Viviana Moreyra, Tong il Moo do Paraguay 

We held a character education program for the students and their parents on June 11, 2017, at National Sports Secretariat in Asuncion. Among the VIPs we had the presidents of the different organizations such the FFWPU Paraguay, WFWP Paraguay, CARP Paraguay and our Special Envoy Rev. Seo.

The theme for the program was “Character Education: Bullying how to prevent and treat it”. Participants listen to the lecture by master Gustavo Giuliano and then groups were organized to discuss and draw conclusions about what was heard. Then the moderators of each group read the conclusions of the groups where it became more inclusive.

President Viviana Moreyra of APTIMDO said: “This is the way to educate and guide the young people so that they become aware of the principles of life as the future leaders of society.”

During the event, certificates were given to five new Associations which were recently legally established under the new Paraguayan Tong il Moo Federation. Those representatives who received the certificates were: Master Jose Medina, Master Olegario, Master Carlos Alvarez, Master Marco Flor and Master Savedra.

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