Paraguay: Soccer Tournament


Prepared by FFWPU Paraguay

We held a Soccer Tournament under the name Paz Del Chaco Cup on the memory of the 82nd anniversary of the Peace Declaration after the Chaco war between Paraguay and Bolivia. This is one of our event to approach young people to introduce True Parents and their teaching and create a base for one to one Divine Principle study.

For this event we managed to have 4 men teams and 2 women teams. The majority of the participants were our brothers and sisters. 25 participants were contacts and guests with the purpose to bring them closer to our Federation.

At the opening ceremony, Rev. Arístides Rondan, president of FFWPU Paraguay, addressed a few words to the participants recalling the sacrifice of those who defended the country in the war, emphasizing on the importance of searching for peace within our hearts.


Pastor Ceferino of the Evangelical Church Restoring Families said he was grateful to God for sharing a day with the unification members. Pastor Ceferino brought his team to participate at the tournament. And the end they were the winners.

CARP Paraguay won the second place and a women team called INDOMABLES got the third place. They belong to a neighborhood association near our headquarters.

This event is one way highly effective to touch the hearts of young people and eventually lead them to listen to true Parents’ teaching.

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