Kenya: Seminar for Bishops Pastors and Community Leaders


By Susan Kone, FFWPU Kenya

On June 24, 2017 we held one-day seminar centered on the church and community leaders who had attended the True Love Tribe Festival on the 21st January 2017. They requested a seminar for the members of their community including religious leaders, government representatives and church elders.

Heavenly Tribal Messiah, Rev. and Mrs Mujanayi Kasuyi who live in this area, organized this program. And the took place at the PCEA/AIC Church in Ngarariga and all the 54 guests came from that area.

The Area Assistant Chief Mr Kimani attended the program together with other church leaders from the surrounding churches. The lectures included the Divine Principle, True Family Values and the Blessing Lectures.

The Assistant Chief was so moved by the lectures and in his speech vowed to partner with the FFWPU Kenya to educate the members of the community about True family values, to resolve all the family problems that their office have to deal with daily. He urged for more seminars in that area for church leaders and members of the community.

The church elders expressed the need for the FFWPU to organize more programs in the churches so that all the couples and the Youth can also benefit from the teachings.

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