Germany: ‘We Can Do It!’ workshop


By Robert Bentele, FFWPU Germany

On Saturday May 13, 2017, the Munich community held a shortened version of the ‚we can do it!‘ workshop based on the more extensive workshop of the same name initiated by Demian Dunkley. Dieter Schmidt was the guest presenter in this seminar, attended by about 50 members who dedicated the whole day to tackling in depth ‘Tribal Messiahship’-a topic which will accompany us for the remainder of our lives.

Each participant was given a copy of a German translation of the booklets‚Community Builder‘ and ‚Tribal Messiah Handbook‘. This proved to be of great assistance.

But before dealing with the topic of the day, Dieter reminded us of the 30-year anniversary of the CARP convention that will be celebrated this August in Berlin, where the original rally was held in 1987. True Mother was informed about this celebration and we have been told that it is very important and dear to her heart that this event be commemorated and that the second generation inherit the foundation laid at that time. And so, she has asked Yeon-Ah-Nim (Hyo Jin’s widow) to travel with her children to Berlin to attend the event.

But then we got down to the business of the day-Tribal Messiahship. Dieter guided us through the program which included much interaction and discussion, and it was helpful that we all were seated round tables in the large hall. Only couples and families can fulfill this mission, just as a clan begins from one couple. We watched films, also available on the website, explaining and expanding on the topic; words of True Parents clarifying and stressing the importance of this mission, were read out.

Witnessing is love- to love others and to do something for our fellow man. And in order to change the world, we need clans, networks and connections. This was the clear message of the workshop, which was attended by many of our second- generation members.

In the past, we were often overwhelmed by our missions, but this no longer needs to be the case, especially when we can support each other as a community and in trinities. No one can tackle this mission alone.

Of interest was a questionnaire circulated during the workshop asking what we consider as a hindrance to approaching and engaging with people. Most members admitted to a fear of rejection, the reality of their own personal situation, and being met with a lack of interest, as being the main factors preventing effective outreach. There was much lively discussion about these and other relevant topics. It was indeed a successful day which renewed our courage and determination to fulfill our mission as Tribal Messiahs.

So, our conclusion: WE CAN DO IT!

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