Germany: True Family Values as the Foundation for a Peaceful World

A new reformation is urgently needed


By Robert Bentele, UPF Germany

The Munich branch of the Universal Peace Federation hosted an event on May 20, 2017, on this broad and widely discussed topic in order to take a stand for marriage and the family. This presentation, given by guest speaker Josef Gundacker from Vienna, was the last of a three-part series of events in 2017 commemorating the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation and considering what kind of new reformation is needed today.

Josef Gundacker, founder and committee member of the Family Forum, Austria, introduced this organization, established in 2006.

“Family is the answer” is the big motto. This on one hand meets with the strong resistance of forces which are family- hostile, but on the other, finds much resonance with many responsible and future-orientated people. He reported about his extensive connections with other family networks such as those in Germany, and about his active PR work in the fields of family values in politics and society.

He went on to talk about gender ideology, also known as ‚gender-gaga‘, which he considers to be a deviation of the human spirit. The sexualization of children, starting even in nursery and primary schools and by which children can seek their ‚social gender‘, is almost an infringement of human rights. The basically positive trend to equality of the sexes has become warped by gender mainstreaming. The man-woman relationship must never become one of competition or result in war between the sexes. The speaker stressed the importance of the principles of give and take, the complementary principles of masculinity and femininity, and those of freedom through responsibility. Love in marriage and the family allows unity and freedom to develop.

He ended his presentation with the consideration that the family must be seen as an important cell and basic unit in which strong bonding relationships are formed, and that bonding leads to a dependable freedom. The meaning of parents and their role must be reestablished; children have the right to a good general framework for their lives.

There followed an animated discussion as to how to find public acceptance for these ideals.

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