France: Public Conference on Family Values


By Hanna Lotterie, FFWPU France

To conclude the season (September 2016-May 2017) of round tables and discussions on the overall topic of education, the local association of “Familles et valeurs-Orsay-Les Ulis” (FAVORLU) held a public conference (as a Education program in a Multicultural Society) on Friday May 26, 2017 in a facility offered by the town hall of Orsay.

The topic was on education in a multicultural society. Mrs. Hanna Lotterie, presiding the event gave a short introduction on the topic, explained that the different layers of one’s cultural identity can be peeled off like the skins of an onion and that our identity as a human being lies at its core. She deplored that fact that in our present society people of different cultures, religious backgrounds and nationalities live just “side by side”, and that this fact contains potential dangers and conflicts. She asked questions of whether it is possible to reach a higher level of “living together” and on what base of values? According to her, only values based on the family have such a potential. But, will we be able to promote a culture of heart and family in any near future? And how will our educational system have to adjust to such a culture?

Mrs. Miki Sekiguchi, Japanese psychologist and therapist, born and raised in France, who is working mainly with Japanese-French couples and families explained from her point of view and from her professional experience on how we perceive others and our environment and how this applies to children and their development.

She answered many questions from the floor and everybody felt something in his or her heart, hope if at best for a more peaceful and harmonious future of our society and world.

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