East Africa: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


By Ahondjo Eugene, FFWPU East Africa

From June 8 to 11, 2017, the regional seminar for Heavenly Tribal Messiah leaders took place in Benin. 57 leaders from 18 countries attended the workshop. We set the workshop with purpose to bring leaders to understand more Tribal Messiah Activities and lead them to set proper strategies for success.

Specifically, it was question to receive the report from two leaders of West Africa who were able to attend the Special Seminar for Leaders of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahs in Zambia from May 24 to 31, 2017. On the other hand, to allow leaders to share their experiences in order to improve their strategies of witnessing and tribal Messiah; finally, motivate leaders to lead the way by succeeding in tribal Messiah work.

On the evening of 8 June, the head of Goma, Elisée, presented his experience from his participation in Lusaka Seminar. The morning of 9 June was used by the Reverend Edwin Plekhanov, national leader of Cameroon to report Lusaka seminar. A three-hour speech to explain the success factors of Tribal Messiah activities in Zambia and appealed to leaders to set the example.

In the afternoon of June 9, all the leaders presented their report and the strategy of their Tribal Messiah activities, which continued until next morning.

The pre-lunch hours were used for team discussions. In fact, five teams were set up so that leaders discuss and share their experiences and highlight the key points that will have to be the subject of the global strategy of the region. A very well-appreciated and very successful approach due to the determination and new commitment of the Leaders.

The Sunday worship of June 11 saw the participation of 300 Beninese members who were inspired by the sermon given by the witnessing and education Director of West Africa. The worship served as the setting for the seminar. The leaders of the 18 nations publicly resolved to accomplish 36 well-educated couples until the end of October 2017, within 90 days.

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